Vor Simulator

Do you already have an account? Double clicking on the aircraft will cause a small window near the aircraft to open with the current heading in the edit box.

Use the help function to display the holding pattern entries in the map mode Things are going a bit too fast? Then I started in on the actual exam. It is very helpful for commercial pilots applying for a job, as holding patterns and radial interceptions are commonly used during sim assessments. Use the freeze mode to orientate Getting bored in straight flight?

VOR Simulator Practice Scenarios

The simulator start button must be pressed and the aircraft rotating-arround-the-globe icon must be moving for the keyboard commands to work. Compass Rose - Used as an aid to show the orientation of the Horizontal Navigation panel. You can also still drag and reposition the aircraft even if it is moving. Select desired Navaid type and settings.

Memory - Allows you to save a snapshot of aircraft position and settings to memory. You owe it to yourself, because a great pilot keeps on learning. Vertical Panel - Displays the vertical position of the aircraft in relation to the navigational facility the same way an approach plate's profile view would. Labels on map to show radials, courses and other information.

VOR Simulator Practice Scenarios

Release the Shift button to hide the blue line. For the glide slope feature. Clicking the mouse button will change the aircraft heading to the current direction of the blue line. Aircraft are expensive to operate, and they make poor classrooms. Open the app, choose the type of procedure you want to practice, and start flying!

Settings Section - Select and activate different features. The movement is made in alignment with the projection flags. By using the reposition button you will start over from a new, random starting position. You can practice position-finding, interception, and tracking skills. The app will throw randomly created procedures at you with wind conditions of selectable categories.

Even though the app only focuses on lateral navigation at a constant altitude and speed, it is amazing to see how much capacity is needed if not used to flying these procedures anymore. Develop the skills you need at your own pace! This training makes it easy and affordable, enabling you to practice real-time navigation skills on your desktop, instead of burning tons of cash in the airplane.

Learning navigation in the airplane is both expensive and time-consuming. Navigation Aid Type - Selects the type of navigational facility.

Three ways to change heading. Stay connected, get updates and news. The reason for this is that the display will always show the navigational facility in the center of the display. To add a challenge, are re meri jaan hai radha song the displayed wind can also be hidden.

Practicing navigation is simple and effortless! Can anyone recommend a good resource for this? Locate position from two radials. Start off with no wind to get comfortable and increase the difficulty later on by adding more. It's got everything you need to visualize navigation!

Other Settings Section - Contains additional settings such as the holding pattern template. No, create an account now.

America Europe Asia Africa Australia. Find an airport or other position at crossed radials. All rights reserved to Luiz Roberto Monteiro de Oliveira. You can use the keyboard to control the movement of the aircraft.

It is practice what it is all about! The original track line will still be displayed for proper comparison Share your flights! When Heading Up is selected, even though it may seem that the aircraft rotates around the navigational facility, the aircraft remains in the same position when changing heading.

Use the freeze mode to orientate or check your progress using the map mode. When rewinding, the original track line will still be displayed, so you can compare different options.

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VOR/NDB Simulator

Drag aircraft on horizontal or vertical panels to change the aircraft's position in relation to the facility. This means that regardless if North Up or Heading Up is selected the aircrafts position will always be relative to the navigational facility. Get familar with flying the procedures without wasting expensive flight time! Of course, you can create your own procedures, for example a holding pattern you expect to fly during your check flight, and adjust the wind to reflect actual or expected conditions. The projection flags serve to help visualize how and where this projection is made from the Horizontal Panel view.

VOR Simulator

It is about applying that knowledge when the instruments start moving! For analyzing different options, a rewind function is available. You don't have to worry about altitude control, radio communications, airspace, traffic, or other major tasks, as you would in real flight. While holding the Shift key down and moving the mouse cursor around the map, the arrow radiating from the aircraft will follow the mouse constantly showing the direction from the aircraft. Notice how the aircraft moves on the Horizontal panel when it is dragged on the Vertical panel and vice versa.