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The earliest lute and zither style veena playing musicians are evidenced in Hindu and Buddhist cave temple reliefs in the early centuries of the common era. Dancy, exotic Indian riffs on a pop track over laid with vocal samples, foot tapping and fun filled! Full Track - Rock, Pop Rock. Sedate, unique, sober and contemplative, atmospheric and deep, sublime and reflective. Chill Out, Neo-Lounge electronic track.

List of Indian musical instrumentsRaag Maand Veena Instrumental Music

Full Track - Electronic, Ethnic Electronica. Temple bells ringing, people going to the temple, prayers fill the air, incense sticks perfume the place.

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Variation Dark romantic swirl - Electronic, Chillout. For other uses, see Veena disambiguation. Ideal for historical dramas and history documentaries. Epic inspiring orchestral track. Perfect for anything with an Indian or Subcontinent feel.

Being a generic name for any string instrument, there are numerous types of veena. Full Track - Indian, Carnatic. Bharatiya Sangeet Vadya Indian classical music Jivari. Indian classical music portal.

Full Track Dark romantic swirl - Electronic, Chillout. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Full Track Disconcerting romance - Electronic, Psybient. Full Track - Indian, Indian Light. All trademarks appearing on this site are the property of the respective owners.

Full Track - Themes, Theme Music pending. Chordophones String instruments Indian musical instruments. Stinger two length versions - Indian, Indian Folk. Animated song with medieval instruments inside combined with full orchestra for more dramatic effect. Love, existence, family, college, where ever relationships, miscommunication, lack of understanding and confusion reign.

One of the early veenas used in India from early times, until the Gupta period was an instrument of the harp type and more precisely of the arched harp. Would suit an upbeat bridging shot, documentary or perhaps soap opera on location in Pakistan or India. Loop B short length - Indian, Indian Folk.

Full Track - Electronic, Ambient House. This article is about an Indian musical instrument. Sitar and Veena drive this atmospheric and chilled out Indian inspired piece. Orient with some symphonic pleasure.

Music from a Miami producer who has a influence of the fast rising Art District in Wynwood. Full Track - Asian, Asian.

Loungish smooth jazz, Indian warmth and colour, strong bass lines, fantastic for night, party, high life ambiance and mood. Chill, urban vibe, sophisticated with an Indian twist.

Pure and authentic, Indian Classical music on the South Indian lute- veena, a stringed instrument of ancient ancestry and considered the lute played by the Goddess Saraswati! Bed indian music soundscape - Indian, Indian Folk.

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Full Track - Asian, Tibet. The drones are typically used to create rhythmic tanams of Indian classical music and to express harmony with clapped tala of the piece.

Abstract interpretation of a raga. The body is made of special wood and is hollow. Full Track - Pop, Alt Pop. The musician stops the resonating strings, when so desired, with the fingers of the free hand. Melt away into the moonlight and relax.

List of Indian musical instruments

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Emotional take on life romantic experience deja vu rebirth karma strong lyrics and lovely haunting melody sense of things going in cycles. One of the earliest description of the terminology currently used for veena construction, modification and operation appears in Sangita Cudamani by Govinda.

Full Track - Dance, World Dance. Daliesque images resonate in this one, poetry set to music. Indian musical instruments. Live drums, keyboards, strong male vocals.

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In modern times the veena has been generally replaced with the sitar in north Indian performances. Resonant with veena riffs, an existential indie-rock song which will work in any self- questioning situation in a film. Routledge Handbook of Asian Theatre.

Female vocals sing a sweet love song enhanced by beautiful authentic South Indian classical phrases played on the veena! Wikimedia Commons has media related to Veenas. The ancient veena, according to Allyn Miner and other scholars, game hentai true love was closer to a harp. Tradition and Performance in Indian Music.

Contemplative mix of Arab, Indian classical styles with a Western format. How to Download My Track License? Loop A long length loop - Indian, Indian Folk. As a fretted, plucked lute, the veena strings can produce pitches in full three octave range.

Beautiful air piano chords, thoughtful strings, heroic brass and powerful epic percussion create an atmosphere of freedom and hope. The classical raga for morning on the ancient instrument of the Goddess Saraswati, the veena! However, there are other differences, and many similarities. Lazy, down tempo affair with veena riffs and interludes.

The Natya Shastra by Bharata Muni, the oldest surviving ancient Hindu text on classical music and performance arts, discusses Veena. Spacious and hypnotising lead on the piano and veena make for a uber lounge feel. Stinger - Indian, Bollywood.

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