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Vaaname Ellai Vaaname Ellai lit. His debut film was Vaaname Ellai.

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Babloo is the only son of a rich business man Cochin Haneefa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Babloo wants to commit suicide, but Suguna wants to continue to live as the new step-daughter of the rich businessman.

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Besides, a large amount of money is needed for the marriage dowry of their two daughters Anand's sisters. When informed of his son's death he mourns and accuses the remaining youths of being the cause of his death. Pooveli Rojavanam Muriyadi unreleased.

Keeravani s Tamil-language films Screenplays by K. This following is the list of films to which K.

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Finally the dead friend's dad comes and meets them having tracked his son's letters with great difficulty. In he was honoured with the Padma Shri, India's fourth highest civilian honour.

He also taught music to M. Thank you for submitting your review. Cochin Haneefa comes up with a plan to stop the couple from marrying.

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They also sing mourning songs for their own death. But the much pampered Babloo is adamant in marrying her. Anand Babu, the son of a judge is an idealist and never suspects that the many gifts that are showered upon him by his father were things received as bribes. Anand is unable to bear this and immediately sets fire to his new Yamaha bike.

He is also well known due to his dancing exploits. The film marked the acting debut of actors Madhan Bob and Dhamu as a comedian who went on to become popular.

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Seeing this, his friend remarks that his own father is very corrupt. In those days, they have all sorts of fun.

Vaaname Ellai Official poster. One day he shoots a video song about corruption in society, dressed as a robot. One day he shoots a video song about corruption in the society dressed as a robot. Images, quick heal 2013 videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.

The shocked Anand Babu argues with his father over his corrupt practices. Back at home, he sees his father taking a large amount of money as bribe for a lawsuit. During the shooting of Mappillai, Bob was injured in an accident. They soon start getting doubts about going ahead with their suicides. After the treatment, Bob participated in the shooting.

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However, Bob managed to break the glass door and save the driver and his assistant. Balachander is an Indian film director, screenwriter and producer who works mainly in the Tamil film industry. Balachander Indian drama films Films about suicide.

The movie is directed by K. Bob, his assistant, and the driver were seriously injured. One day his father comes to know of their love and despises it as he has big plans to marry his son to the daughter of a rich, potential business partner.

Vaaname Ellai Audio Songs Audio Songs

Babloo wants to commit suicide but Suguna wants to continue to live as the new step-daughter of the rich business man. He started his own production house in and named it Kavithalayaa Productions which produced several of his award-winning films like Achamillai Achamillai and Sindhu Bhairavi. Kavithalayaa Productions founded by the filmmaker Dadasaheb Phalke awardee K. Mumbai Mumbai search close. Vijaya is a classical dancer, and actress from Kadapa.

Vijaya, the widowed mother of Suguna also objects to their love, fearing for problems arising due to the difference in their social status. The film was highly responsible in catapulting Balachander to national acclaim. She soon shows her own brand of revenge by heavy partying and boozing and having one night stands. He was a part of Gaana Galata Group, a popular touring and acting comedy troupe. Vijaya in remarrying him thereby making Babloo and Suguna as step-siblings.

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Four years later Roja, a Kavithaalaya production won the same award. Balachander Films scored by M. They all meet at the suicide point and decide to live a happy life for days and then end it all. The following year he made his directional debut through Neer Kumizhi a film based on his own play. Balachander has contributed.