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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Deborah Moggach's The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel originally a different title was the basis for the famous movie of the same name. Once there, the residents of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel begin to make new lives for themselves.

Ravi's brother-in-law is cowed and miserable before his wife and his mother. But still, I had to wonder why the author bothered with some of the characters at all. It had these wonderful cool dark interiors, with glimpses of saturated light and the teeming life outside its walls. Norman's the guy who basically gets the ball rolling in this book when he moves in with his daughter and son-in-law, Ravi.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Seriously it was the best movie I've seen in ages. Norman's annoying presence and slovenly habits drive Ravi to dream up a way to be rid of the old man, and the result is the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, currently a run-down fleabag in India. Ravi's English wife, Pauline is persuaded it's good idea and they do there best to encourage Pauline's widowed Father, malgudi days ebook for Norman to move out there as one of he first guests.

Douglas and Jean d If you read this expecting it to be like the movie, you will find that it is not. While, for me, the final scene with the urn was not funny - how does funding an orphanage by selling heroin and all the heartache that entails compute?

India affects each in different ways, enchanting Douglas and Evelyn while driving Jean deeper into bitterness. The book opens with Dr Ravi Kapoor hatching the scheme to set up the retirement home in Bangalore, India primarily to rid himself of his noxious father-in-law. The one I did warm to, played a fairly small part and died summarily before there was any development, culminating in an unsatisfying ending. Women like these knew how to satisfy a man, it was their culture'.

Oh, it was well written, but the characters that I loved in the movie were barely present to totally absent in the book. Some of the characters showed promise, but none seemed to live up to that potential. Was this book written with a movie in mind?

As though everyone was tossed into the air and when they landed, they were scattered in a different pattern that still somehow fit. It also creates a bond, and enables you to find empathy for even the characters who would probably irritate in real life, notably, Norman, the dirty old man, and possibly Muriel. Just as so many other things are being outsourced to India, why not aged care?

It made me want to go and stay at the Marigold Hotel myself, or even th Better than the movie! It made me want to go and stay at the Marigold Hotel myself, or even the Hotel Balmoral. There are also some stories revolving around family members and hotel employees, all with messed up lives and dysfunctional relationships. All in all, if you haven't seen the films or read the book, I suggest starting with the story.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

See a Problem

See a Problem

Most of the cast returned, with additions including American actor Richard Gere. They each independently saw it advertised, and each has an issue in their life which has prompted them to make this change in scenery. There is a wonderful cast of characters - some of whom behave quite badly - but for whom the reader is allowed to feel quite a bit of sympathy.

It made me laugh out loud, gasp and almost shed a tear. British Independent Film Awards. Jean, increasingly pessimistic and envious, accuses Douglas of having an affair, only for Douglas to denounce their marriage. Doesn't say anything good, but a lot none the less. And then it becomes a full-time job pretending you're not going to die, and then you accept that you'll die.

If I hadn't seen the movie I would never have picked this book up. Apart from a few character names and a general mashing together of sub-plots, the book and film were quite separate entities. That story involved false accusations, bad behavior, and a whole lot of characters I wanted to punch.

If there is humor in old people trying to find meaning in what is left of their lives while waiting for the axe to fall. Soon the building is up and running, and filled with quirky and charming old folks. Muriel, at first xenophobic to Indians, comes to appreciate her doctor, and maid Anokhi. With the book, I had to make notes when I was being introduced to this multitude of characters, so that when they reappeared I could remind myself who they were. He is living with them as he keeps getting thrown out of old peoples homes!

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach

Madge joins the Viceroy Club, surprised to find Norman there, and helps him get into a relationship with a woman named Carol. Dorothy and Douglas are discussing something between themselves. As the new arrivals touch down on Indian soil the plot takes a breather. They are still changing and learning and loving and growing.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The jacket describes it as the story of Dr. Deborah Moggach writes with plenty of humour and empathy on the subject of retirement and death, though I'm not sure it's a topic I want to be reminded about. The book felt a bit like an exercise of getting from Point A to Point A-and-a-half.

Deborah Moggach allows the reader to form a definite and firm opinion of each character due to the changing shift in language and style used when writing from each perspective. Was she inventing a new temple site or did she incorrectly spell the name Halebid, which is a real temple of some note a few hours drive from Bangalore?

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Graham passes away from an existing heart condition. Married couple Jean and Douglas lost much of their retirement savings on a bad investment and have had to downgrade their retirement expectations. This is careless in a best seller. Norman is somewhat a less sexually successful male version of Madge, he a lonely man who wants a new collection of unsuspecting women who may not be wise to his old and tired pickup moves.

They set up a retirement home currently a run down guest house into a home for the more discerning customer. The people in this book didn't just decide to move far from their homes to a very different culture on a lark. Ravi Kapoor a doctor in London is fed up with his somewhat repulsive and difficult father-in-law whom is currently living with him and his wife Pauline. Having adored the movie, I was motivated to read the book. Having picked it up and read it, I now need to see the movie again to overwrite the bad taste that the book gave me.