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Browse Knowledgebase articles, manage support cases and subscriptions, download updates, and more from one place. Red Hat Data Virtualization An integration platform for unifying data. Category Comparison List Commons. Why choose Red Hat for containers? Red Hat Gluster Storage Open, software-defined storage.

Dell Dell releases more high-end Ubuntu Linux laptops. Learn about this advantage. Errata advisories may be released individually on an as-needed basis or aggregated as a minor release. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Red Hat Ceph Storage A block and object storage platform for clouds. Security and the complexity of change are the key barriers to full benefits, full pc game no surveys according to new report. Learn about multiarchitecture support.

Built-in management components include a user-friendly web console and application streams, which lets you offer multiple app versions to multiple users. Exim vulnerability lets attackers run commands as root on remote email servers. Red Hat Decision Manager A business rules management platform. Red Hat's branding and logos are changed because Red Hat does not allow them to be redistributed.

Red Hat Cloud Suite A suite of tools for private and public cloud infrastructure. The foundation for new apps, virtualization, and secure clouds. Administrators can set up algorithmic criteria using system-wide security policies so apps automatically use the appropriate cryptographic package. New software functionality is not available during this phase. Furthermore, major releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux contain a limited set of backward-compatible libraries included in previous major releases to allow for the easy migration of applications.

RHEL the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux arrives

Current releases

If available, new or improved hardware enablement and select enhanced software functionality may be provided at the discretion of Red Hat, generally in minor releases. Third-party derivatives can be built and redistributed by stripping away non-free components like Red Hat's trademarks. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora derivatives. The binary compatibility goal is extended to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for use in an application container. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtualization support matrix provides details on the supported combinations of operating systems, versions, and hardware architectures.

No bug fixes, security fixes, hardware enablement or root-cause analysis will be available during this phase, and support will be provided on existing installations only. Hardware enablement that does not require substantial software changes may be provided independent from minor releases at Red Hat's discretion.

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Red Hat Fuse A distributed integration platform. Other errata advisories may be delivered as appropriate. Technical support is primarily provided by the community via official mailing lists, web forums, and chat rooms. Enterprise Software The Linux desktop's last, best shot.

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Red Hat Data Grid An intelligent, scalable data-caching solution. The focus for minor releases during this phase lies on resolving defects of medium or higher priority.

Whitepaper Alleviate technical debt. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server subscription is available at no cost for development purposes. Red Hat reserves the right to terminate the ongoing support in the Extended Life Phase for a particular version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux at any time. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a commercial enterprise operating system and has its own set of test phases including alpha and beta releases which are separate and distinct from Fedora development. User management Certification Central.

Customers never have to update, they can update at their own convenience. Build, manage, and share containers using open source tools that let you tailor systems alongside other Open Container Initiative standards-compatible tools. For guidance on how to best modernize your Red Hat infrastructure with a solution that meets your business needs, contact Red Hat Consulting. Application Streams will adhere to the errata criteria for the Production Phase of the major release.

Read about Linux and public clouds. This includes improved management and communication with Windows Server, more secure data transfers with Azure, and performance improvements when used within Active Directory architectures. Combat intrusions and control compliance Administrators can set up algorithmic criteria using system-wide security policies so apps automatically use the appropriate cryptographic package. Red Hat Enterprise Linux supports multiple architectures.

From Linux to cloud, why Red Hat matters for every enterprise. The Linux desktop's last, best shot.

Learn more about Linux training. Move your business forward. Red Hat and Microsoft give you container support in a major public cloud.

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