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If it is deeper, we can even rusticate them. Newer Post Older Post Home. According to the notice, Yadav had been found guilty of releasing an offensive poster depicting a deity in a derogatory manner that led to violent incidents. On Friday, Yadav along with some students met the university administration. Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization.

University of California Press. Princeton University Press. Bohidar said the article's circulation during Durga Puja had offended many students, who sent written complaints.

Mahishasura's legend is told in a major text of the Shaktism tradition known as the Devi Mahatmya. Asuras Rakshasas Yakshas Vahanas. The poster was published by the organisation, not an individual, and is well within the reasonable restrictions of the Constitution. It is an important symbolic legend in Hindu mythology, particularly Shaktism.

JNU AIBSF and ABVP members clash over Mahisasura pamphlet

For some, he was a buffalo demon in Hindu mythology whereas some have argued its validity from time to time. The legendary battle of Mahishasura as evil and Durga as good is narrated in many parts of South Asian and Southeast Asian Hindu temples, monuments and texts such as the Devi Mahatmya. The university has not pointed out who is offended by it. Many Dalit and Adivasi communities in Indian Subcontinent worship and believe in the power of Mahishasura.

The forum also alleged that the administration is planning to take action against Yadav to prevent him from contesting the university election. The earliest mention of Mysore in recorded history may be traced to B. Bohidar said the administration would consult its legal cell.

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He is described as an evil being who can change his outer form, but never his demonic goals. The Rosen Publishing Group. In the battles between the gods and the demons, the Devas led by Indra were defeated by Mahishasura. Earlier, the administration had set up an inquiry against the four students who had assaulted us.

It says the garland of skulls Durga wears symbolises the massacre of the indigenous people, who today make up the backward castes, by the invading Aryans. After nine days of fighting, during which Mahishasura's army was decimated, she finally killed him on the tenth day of the waxing moon. Yadav alleged an attempt to push him and other backward caste students out of the campus.

The campus being traditionally a Left and Far Left stronghold, many student organisations have come out in Yadav's support. The new born Durga led a battle against Mahishasura, riding a lion, and killed him. The worship of Durga during Durga puja in West Bengal is represented in pandal which depict Durga killing Mahishasura.

It is also believed by them that Mahishasura was an indigenous king who was killed during the invasion by the upper caste Hindus. The Buffalo Demon Mahishasura, states the regional tradition, fler nie an mich geglaubt had terrified the local population. Mahishasura had gained the boon that no man could kill him.

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We also strongly condemn the act of alleging and punishing a student for distributing the copies of the above-mentioned article. Durga slaying Mahishasura is a prominent theme which was sculpted in various caves and temples across India.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It calls on the backward castes not to worship Durga, whom it calls a symbol of their subjugation. Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power. Mahishasura at Durga's foot in Aihole temple. The university has also initiated an internal inquiry into the incident.

The painting by Lal Ratnakar that was displayed on Mahishasura Day. Should gods, goddesses have caste identities? Popular Hinduism and Society in India.

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Goddess Durga killed the Mahishasura, an event that is annually celebrated at Navratri and Mysore Dasara. Mahishasura is both reviled as well as worshipped by sections of Hindus.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mahishasura. Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures. The magazine's editor Pramod Ranjan said in a press statement that the article emphasises on the evidences and new facts that prove India's oppressed Bahujan society's history, culture and tradition.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. But, it took a U-turn and is now claiming that I am guilty. Dejected by their defeat, the Devas assemble in the mountains where their combined divine energies coalesce into goddess Durga.

The Oxford Handbook of Sikh Studies. The gods then went into conclave to decide what could be done with this invincible asura. The show-cause notice had asked Yadav why he had caused disharmony, leading to violence, among students by publishing the poster during a festival. University Press of America.