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Check the libdvdcss page for more information. This is also a security update. Learn more about the release.

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We strongly recommend all users to update to this new version. Read the full Press Release. We would like to thank all the people involved with it. The website has been simplified a lot, because the old one was reported as confusing. You can read more about the award in these builder.

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If you have some time to spare, drop by and we'll be happy to welcome you on our booth. Windows binaries might follow at a later time. Refer to our advisory for technical details. To celebrate, small infos, stories and goodies will be posted in the next ten days on this site.

The basic look does, however, make the media player extremely easy to use. It was aided by compatibility and codec issues which rendered competitor media players like QuickTime, Windows and Real Media Player useless to many popular video and music file formats. Get ready for some serious earth shattering on the open source multimedia world!

Due to a power audit, major disruptions are expected. It supports many new devices inputs, formats, metadata and improves most of the current ones, preparing for the next-gen codecs.

More info on the release notes. If you experience problems with Flac audio, please download again. Unstable has a lot of new interesting features.

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Free Software days in Lyons. This is an April Fool's Joke. The developers, forum, trac and wiki websites will be moved to this new server shortly.

If you're not, there is nothing to do. See full ChangeLog for more information.

Too bad there are not skins to customize the network but it is very stable as a player. Visit the ChangeLog and the download page. The release will very likely happen next week. Windows binary release is indefinitely postponed pending volunteers taking over the Windows port. Lots of crashes fixed, see the full ChangeLog for more information.

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Get it on the libdvdcss page. This is the first major release in three years. See the libdvdcss page to download the sources or the Debian packages. For more information on features visit libdvbpsi main page. New web site announcing release.

Everyone interested in the project is welcome to come and see it working. See the release notes for more information. You don't need to be a developer to help. As usual, download it quickly! See the network page for more information and download.

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It will be available on the App Store shortly. Official results are available on Google's website. Please verify your email address and try again. Read the ChangeLog and go to the vlc download page. Furthermore the program is now available in several languages.

Have a look at the latest and greatest features and see the people behind the cone. Come around and have a look at our latest developments! In this latest release, users can now scroll through the video frame by frame, allowing you to vary the playback speed at will, no credit card movie and to record streaming video.

This is the beginning of the process and will require the authorization from all the past contributors. We encourage people to test and report regressions that could have crept in this release. It brings back Android auto and improves support of Oreo and Pie. It will hopefully fix the many problems we've been having durring the last year concerning website avaibility.

Twoflower fixes several hundreds of bugs, in more than commits from volunteers. New nightly builds server.

We would like to thank the people who have downloaded it and especially, people who have donated to our cause. Binary packages for windows, including an installer can be found at the Skin Editor page.