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As a rule, notes tend to become excessively lengthened during an accelerando often hanging indefinitely or shortened during a rallentando. The Effects have been augmented by the addition of two new features, a convolution reverb and a Surround panner.

If a sound's author is included as part of its embedded description, that too can be used as a search term. This is a serious bug that needs to be afforded immediate priority. However, there are now five tabs at the top bringing new functions into play.

What do you need to know about free software? Universal sample import not only provides access to all the major new mega-libraries, but if you've got large old hardware sampler libraries, it breathes new life into those as well. The built-in reference tone is a great help in the absence of a tuner, and can be set to whatever reference pitch you like.

Whether you want superb realism or mind-warping weirdness, Kontakt has the tools to do it. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Previous article Next article. When playing back a sequence that contains smooth sloped tempo changes, the recorded note lengths are corrupted throughout the course of the tempo change. It's bigger than my monitor, and it doesn't allow me to move it over to downsize it.

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Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! The Instrument Options menu allows for further customising of individual Instruments, including settings such as global transpose, key range, and velocity range.


The password field is case sensitive. It also allows the tempo to be changed without changing pitch.

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More On Instrument Banks Instrument Banks are visually differentiated from normal Instruments by their grey colouring. This can be done on line via any computer or by snail-mail. All the samples for that Instrument will then be reloaded, returning it to normal.


The Instrument Edit screen, including the on-screen Keyboard showing its keyswitch triggers. Grab your stuff while you still can.

Summary Well, if I can figure it out properly, I think I will realy like it. However, only the most minimal tweaking was required to achieve perfectly acceptable representations of the original versions. Sexually explicit or offensive language. Master Tune sets the overall tuning offset for the entire Multi.

The Tone Machine imposes an overall musical pitch onto a sample drum and percussion loops work well whilst keeping its tempo constant or sync'ed to the host. The reverb below offers control over a variety of parameters, such as early reflections, reverb tail lengths and pre-delay time, and impulses can be reversed. Remember the four Aux faders that can be displayed beneath each Instrument? When imported into your host sequencer of choice, this sequence plays back the individual loop segments exactly as the original loop sounded.

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The Master Kontrol view, located at the top of the main window, shows the master tempo for all sync'able parameters and effects, and can be switched from internal to external host sync. When I open the program, it automaticaly opens in full screen.

Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. All the Groups are combined into an Instrument. Pros It seems to have a lot of potential.

When complete, the item is ready to play, and can be re-saved in its new Kontakt format if desired. Kontakt Player is a free, win 8.1 iso expandable software instrument that can be used both standalone and as a plugin in any popular music sequencer.

Double-clicking on any instrument loaded in the Bank opens it for editing, and individual Instrument Banks can be archived to disk for subsequent re-use. This is what they are for. The above picture looks better than mine. Groups are rather like sub-Instruments, having their own independent parameters such as filters, envelopes, insert and send effects, and output routings. It's essential when using large commercial libraries.