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By double clicking on these relays, a dialog box appears where the appropriate values can be entered. In particular, switches are set to their original position, valves switch to their normal position, cylinder pistons are set to their previous position, and all values calculated are deleted. The option Display Flow Direction has been activated. The most recently opened file forms the topmost entry. Play video Pause Fullscreen.

Make sure that you have selected a component and not a component connection. The mouse cursor changes then to the copy symbol. This name appears in the title bar of the circuit diagram window and becomes the new name for the circuit. The circuit diagrams will be utilized in the following sections as demonstration and learning material.

FluidSIM 3.6 Hydraulics

Necesito su ayuda porque me hace mucha falta hacer un caso hidraulico. When this mode is is clicked. The directory shw contains files for use with presentations. Up to previous editing steps, which have been stored, can be made undone.

Intuitive simulation

The installation procedure is described in the following sections. Often, the reason is that there is a too high tensile load on a cylinder. Depending on drawing layer the diagram may be invisible or not selectable. Not only state changes and component switches, which result from the system, are calculated. Introduction to Simulating and Creating Circuits Formulating models is demanding.

It also includes tips for the advanced user. When the distance rule is dropped near the cylinder, it automatically snaps in the right position. The link will take you to the corresponding Festo pages.

When in the simulation mode, the mouse cursor changes to a hand. Opens the File Selector dialog box, and you can save the current circuit under a different name. The automatic generation of current paths simplifies the identification of switches and relays when constructing electrical circuits. If this option is enabled the default directory for the mentioned files is on the network file server. Your trainees should initially concentrate on the essentials.

In the fluidsim directory, subdirectories can be created for the saving of circuit diagrams. Presentations allow for the combination of individual topics into a lesson, casino money no deposit no ideal for teaching hydraulics. Opens a dialog box with exercises related to electro-hydraulics. Opens a dialog box that contains a topics list of hydraulics basics.

FluidSIM 3.6 Hydraulics

The expected number of pages is indicated in the printer preview dialog box. Advanced Concepts in Simulating and Creating Circuits Hydraulic connections that are fitted with a blind plug are indicated clearly with a crossbar. Examples include the linking of hydraulic and electric components, the possible settings for simulation, and the testing of a circuit diagram. Help and Advanced Tips The pressure drop on a pressure relief valve is higher than its preset targeted nominal value. Alternatively, components can be selected through the Insert menu, either by navigating along the hierarchical menu structure or by entering one or more search strings.

To enable this option enter the complete path of a file and set a reasonable step width. For several components, their sectional view can be animated like a cartoon.

This functionality applies to hydraulic as well as electrical lines. After having entered the file name in the dialog box, the system creates the project file with all open files.

Following the calculation, the new pressure and flow values are indicated and the cylinders retract. As the case may be, the topic must be told the partner application. Adding Files to a Project To add a new symbol, a library, or a circuit file to a project, open or activate the appropriate window, then click Add Current Window in the Project menu. By double-clicking onto a line in the list the dialog box is closed and the related component is inserted in the circuit diagram.

If the mouse cursor is located above a component or component connection, the item will become selected. The parameters of all components are identical to those of the training packages from Festo Didactic and can be fully adapted to the characteristics of other components. In addition, the component underneath the mouse cursor will also be selected, if not already selected, or de-selected, if already selected.

Help and Advanced Tips No educational film will start playing. It is also possible to open files via the Explorer. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement.

The text that has been entered here is shown as a menu entry in the Library menu. When you click on a valve, the real behavior of the valve is simulated. As a result the text along with its font attributes is inserted into the drawing area.

For several components, their sectional view can be animated. It is explicitly stated when the right button is to be used. However, the component is not deleted. Component connections are shown without circles.

The mouse cursor becomes a hand with index finger that the switch may be flipped. When using to undo an editing step, you may go to far. Therefore, calculated values should closely match measured values. Functions that realize the selection of this instruction material are found under the Didactics menu.

Learning with fun and success Theory is necessary for learning, but real practice provides motivation and promotes successful learning! Appendix C contains the component illustrations, the animations, the exercises, and the educational films. Topic Description Opens for a window with a didactics material picture, for example a sectional view of a component or an exercise, the page with the textual description of the topic. View Status Bar Displays or hides the status bar. An operation mode is set by clicking on the down-arrow at the right-hand side of the list and selecting a symbol.

The proportion between height and width remains unaltered. Move the cylinder just slightly and the distance rule moves with it. Select from the component library the state diagram component, and place it onto the drawing area.

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Moreover, there exist two pictures that can be used to announce a refreshment and a lunch break respectively. Double clicking on a miniature circuit diagram will load the circuit. All components and lines of the current circuit diagram can be selected by clicking under Edit Select All or typing Ctrl A. They can be integrated into your existing version via an update.

Components whose switching status is not locked remain activated as long as the mouse button is held down. You are getting negative values for pressure. Advanced Concepts in Simulating and Creating Circuits Aligning Objects To align objects, firstly select these objects and then click on the icon or on the appropriate entry in the Edit Align menu. When opening a project, the previously saved project settings are used as default.

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Intuitive simulation