Find a way to make the contact the're still working on making a two meter transatlantic contact or upgrade your license. But out of curiousity, let me pose some questions. Over the last number of months I have been coming to eham to take advantage of this wonderful resource. Ask the govt how they install it? This is not what I had guessed would have happened.

Please remember that this is a live repeater, used for emergencies on The Rubicon Trail. It is perhaps the only chance hams suffering under damned antenna restrictions may have to play radio. There are pirates the world over.

What about remote bases, is that not ham radio? And for all the whiners well don't use the system. Happened just like this when two meter repeaters started getting popular and O. It is a good place for new hams to get in touch with other hams and get the advice they need. So, does that fit your description of Ham Radio?

You can also join the community forums and ask questions and see what adventures everyone else is up to! Echolink need to be abolish for it is an abomination. The arguments seem very similar to those O.

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It all generates more activity on two meters, which is my whole reason for running a gateway system. We've always had the ability to do this sort of thing - the cost just made it prohibitive. Ever try to throw a wire across a hotel? Two thumbs up for Echo Link. In order to stop transmitting, just tap the screen.

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You can use it to talk to pretty much anyone with a ham license! Well guys it you dont get on these bands and make noise yes we will not have them anymore. It's an intergration of computer and radio.

It is a great tool once you start playing around with it. Had Echolink on the other night. It is simply another way to link radios over great distances without the expense of expensive microwave or dedicated land line shots. You are maybe old or infirmed, or simply not able to put up antennas anymore like in zoned areas.

So, is a repeater Ham Radio? Other times, I have been in my vehicle and connect to someone through our local Echo Linked repeater. Whoever allowed this to happen and then allow everyone else to think it is radio has changed our hobby for the worst and is a liar. We at Houston Command Central used it to pass all sorts of traffic between the net controls out on the ride and their volunteer staff the terrain out there can get quite hilly. Now, all three are up again, and activity seems to have dropped off.

It is an enjoyable supplement to and a facet of ham radio to be sure so give it a play. Who are we to dictate to fellow hams what there to do with their gear? That would be fun when I am out on the road. In other words, you still have to take turns transmitting and receiving. When a third high level machine was added, the activity level seemed to drop.

All Echolink really does is keep everybody glued to their desktops and hardware experimentation out in the field such as repeater sites will slowly come to a grinding halt. If you feel it isn't, then it is not. This sounds so much like the worn out debate on whether to keep a morse code requirement! First of all to each his own but here is my two cents on your distance fixation.

Feel free to e-mail me for help as I've been there. EchoLink is a computer program that can run on Windows computers, or any cell phone, or tablet. But it is nothing without radio.

EchoLink - IRLP

As such, I can see where it can be used by SkyWarn, Weather Spotters, and other hams who may not have access to a radio. Well, mostly because radio mics are normally pretty noise canceling and are optimized to work at an inch or two from the mouth.

So for it not to be treated as ham radio is a misjuctice to ham radio in general. Over driving the mic will cut you to ribbons but more on that later.

How To Use And Setup EchoLink Ham Radio

Ed it sounds like all you want your radio to do is scan without stopping anywhere? As already discussed it is a mixture of radio to radio via the internet, or pc to pc via the internet, or pc to radio via the internet. Follow the steps until it tells you to proceed to the verification. Befor some day we wake up and hear that the fcc gave them to commerical use couse hams were not useing them. Have fun in the chat room.

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How To Setup EchoLink Ham Radio

On the other hand, mio kova mp3 echolink varifies the user first prior to issuing a node. Echolink introducing new hams? Just heard a local conversation - a local ham moved out of state but via echolink - is connected back to his home repeater and feels back in town.