Dying For Daylight 2

Click on the ticket booth to reveal a hidden object scene. There is nobody around but you can see stains of blood and dead vampire bodies.

Click on the Blood Bank on the Map. Your cursor will change depending on what actions you can do.

Click on the close-up using your vampire sense till you see Felix written in the dust. Click on the funnel V and it will automatically go into the statues mouth. You will automatically get the tattoo put on the rat when complete. Click on the note V on the curtain. This game is brought to you by our sponsors.

See screenshot for solution. Will you be attentive enough to notice them? Your goal is to make the tattoo look like the back of the rat on the Build-A-Plague-Rat photo. Hidden Object and puzzle scenes will be marked with glowing symbols. Click on the rest rooms S.

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Exit via the bottom of the screen. Horror fiction portal Speculative fiction portal Video games portal. Click on Polly K on the parrot perch and talk to her. Click on the newspaper box O on the left to get a close-up and click on it. Venturing into these areas is incredibly treacherous due to the number and strength of resident zombies while they are hiding safely in the shadows.

Charlaine Harris Dying for Daylight - Download Free Games for PC

Charlaine Harris Dying for DaylightDying Light 2 release dateCharlaine Harris Dying for Daylight Walkthrough

Click on the butcher shop window to get a close-up. Excessive random clicking will cause you to freeze your cursor for a few seconds. Click on the page in the open book to open the recipe. Exit out of the stove area and speak to BoBo. Click on the coffin lid Z to open it.

Charlaine Harris Dying for Daylight - Download Free Games for PCDying Light 2

Click on the counter B on the left. Click on the body on the balcony now that the fan is going to get a close-up. Adjust the color on the two sets of blotches P to color. One by one you will see the hints left be Alexandro.

Exit the restaurant via the bottom of the screen. You get a point for each enemy you hit and lose a point for hitting an innocent or for not doing anything. Speak to Melvis J two times till he agrees to get you the oxtail in exchange for sequins. Head down Pirate Alley to the right.

Click on the mechanical secretary H in the chair and click on her chest to open up a panel and note it is missing parts. Click on the GothiCandy window to play the optional mini-game K. Find the legendary sun potion! Click on the Electronic Residents Board.

BoBo H two times till you can no longer get any info. The goal is to place the pipes on the brackets on the wall so that the drain pipe is complete. Click on the red glowing heart to note there is someone hiding. Exit the room and head up the staircase and into the office on the left.

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Look at the squirrel U holding the peanut on top of the drain pipe. Exit the ship and steer the dinghy back to the pier.

Click on the compass to access the map and click on the arrow to Memphis and then to New Orleans and click on Cirque Terrible. Click on the photos attached to the papers and click on the papers again to read about the Flagelli.

Once you pick up a corn, you will start the process. Soon you will find out that you are not the only one who is desperately seeking the legendary sun potion. Click on the photo in the close-up.

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Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Click on the sink U and note the ice and water tap. Click on Search by Address. Speak to the bartender two times. Click on the compass to access the map and click on the arrow to Memphis and then to Charleston and click on the Harbor.

Dying for Daylight is just what the doctor ordered! We are looking forward to see more Dying Light factions revealed and how they interact with one another. The Dying Light trailer gives us an example. This potion allows vampires to walk in the broad daylight, artist music help the main character find it! Dying for Daylight Walkthrough.

Click on the ticket booth to access a hidden object scene. Each pig sings a specific note, which can be found on the upper left of each stall.

The prizes you win for playing the mini games and completing puzzles and tasks can be viewed in the Trophy Room A located above the Menu button on the lower right. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Click-hold and drag the basketball V on the teeter-totter W.

If you did not make the fluid previously, follow the recipe in the book on the table. Exit the tavern and go right down Pirate Alley. The clock face cursor means you need to wait.