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His wealth was due to the fact that he was the president of Trans Allied, Inc. When they try to tell her they can't hang out with her anymore, she begins having an epileptic seizure. Charles, a college student, is a live-in housekeeper in the Powell household.

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Arnold plans to have Dudley run for class president so he can control him behind the scenes. But Kimberly is overwhelmed by the hard work it takes to become a professional skater, and devises a way out. Drummond's permission in order to pick up Charlene for a date, and gets in trouble when he hits a police officer's motorcycle. Drummond has to explain her presence. Themes Family Comedies, Sitcoms.

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Arnold suspects that Kimberly has an eating disorder when his slender sister is secretly gorging herself, but not gaining any weight. Johnson Publishing Company. After years of battling his drug addiction, Bridges became sober in the early s. In the end, both lose out to a third candidate. Lisa's mother takes over teaching Arnold's class, and Lisa forces him and his friends to be nice to her or she'll rat them out to her mom.

Wedding guests include Mrs. Charlene was gradually phased out of the series as Jackson began to devote more time to furthering her musical career. Unfortunately, Willis defies his orders and eventually finds himself in jail. Horton retrieves the skinny dipping photos. Dana Plato was no longer appearing as a main cast member, because of her pregnancy in real life.

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When Pearl overhears them, she reveals that she herself is epileptic, which causes the two to patch things up with their friend. But the actual interactions between Mr. When Arnold feels the heat from his friends over getting away with everything, he tries to get Kathy to lighten up, but she refuses and gets tough with Arnold instead. First appearance of Robert Rockwell as Mr. This is also the only time in which Mr.

Drummond's lawyer suggested a pre-nuptial agreement. Willis is tired of having Arnold hang around him all the time, so he goes back to Harlem to get away from him - possibly for good. The police arrive just as Mr. After seeing them perform, he becomes self-conscious about the fact that he can never walk again and decides to give up on himself. We quickly surmise this is a common occurrence, with a greater deal of familiarity and friendliness between the family and Mr.

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Willis has a hard time adjusting to college, so he decides to drop out. Drummond's marriage plans.

Willis gets the sister of one of his old girlfriends Robin Givens to go out with Arnold by giving her concert tickets. Drummond punching the manager William G. Willis soon hears she's seeing another guy and he decides it's time to move on, but Arnold has plans to bring them back together.

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Drummond, Willis, and Arnold all have different interpretations of what happened, but Pearl, who was in the kitchen and saw everything, tells Kimberly what really took place. This is what made Different Strokes so special. List of Diff'rent Strokes characters. How many episodes of Diff'rent Strokes have you seen? It takes, norton antivirus definition update Diff'rent Strokes to move the world.

Drummond to prevent Arnold's involvement. Todd Bridges is now the last living member of the core cast. Kimberly impresses professional skater Dorothy Hamill with her ice skating, and is taken under her wing.

Drummond knew during the Korean War shows up claiming that Mr. Drummond doesn't want him to fight, but Willis thinks fighting is the only option. Arnold wants a temporary housekeeper Denise Nicholas to become his, Willis', and Kimberly's new mother while Adelaide is away. Following Rae's departure near the end of the second season, Nedra Volz took over as the housekeeper, the older and crankier Adelaide Brubaker. Maggie's ex-husband Hoyt Axton wants Sam to stay with him instead of with the Drummonds.

Others in the cast included Mrs. However, a man from the welfare office thinks something is fishy and investigates. Drummond get trapped during a holdup by robbers. The episode title and plot device of the story are inspired by the movie Rashomon. Starting this season, Danny Cooksey and Dixie Carter join the cast as regular cast members.

Kimberly goes on a ski trip with her friend, but doesn't let the family know that there will be boys there. After Willis is hospitalized for trying to stop the bullies, Arnold is asked to participate in a sting operation to nab them. Willis wants to have his birthday party back in Harlem with his friends, but Mr. But she was not initially chosen in part due to age disparity between her and Conrad Bain.

This is the last episode featuring Charlotte Rae as a cast member, who continued her role as Mrs. Drummond convinces him that being friends with a girl isn't so bad, so Sam decides to have her stay the night for a sleepover, which makes both their fathers nervous. And did the laughter that accompanies this episode make you as distraught as it made me?

Two notable episodes dealt with the consequences of alcoholism. Lists of American sitcom television series episodes. Drummond has a good time going out with a hairdresser, but when he doesn't invite her to a posh party, she feels like he is secretly embarrassed by her. Actually watching the show, though?

Drummond's current and previous housekeepers appear together. The driver ridiculed him, and released the tape to be broadcast on numerous television shows. The other theme is safety. Television in the United States portal. Afterwards, the number for a hotline usually appears, with the understanding that those suddenly educated on the issue would spring into action.

Mary Jo Catlett as Pearl Gallagher. And that was Drugstore Cowboy compared to this shit. He then learns the dangers of smoking from Dudley's father, who is in need of surgery because of his habit. Gary Coleman does not appear in this episode.

So, Drummond took both of them in and they became the sons Drummond never had. The Drummonds have a very small role in this episode.