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After some initial struggles, the three men get adjusted to the routine and also get along with everyone in their colony. Purushottham stays visibly skeptical but keeps mum. The three friends go approach their point of contact believing that they will be given high posts to work and comfortable quarters to stay. The main character Naik, comes across as a picture of naivety in the harsh reality of the society.

He also brings out the directionless, impressionable youth who rush to find the next interesting thing in life and changing their stance repeatedly. He shows the exuberance of youth fueled by the arrogance of riches. The colony relents, but does not forgive them for Dalavayee's betrayal. Dalavayee gives in and returns with his parents after begging Roopli to forget him and promising to send her money each month. Her conditions turn out to be severe, she requires them to stay away from the city in a place of her choice for six months.

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Naik and Palegar declare that they will take care of everyone without a job by taking them to the city and keeping them in their homes. In the next scene, Dalavayee's father, a politician and his mother come to see him. An apt picturization which shows the misguided youth, society enforcing structure by force and the repercussions happening to anyone who tries to go against the flow. Belli, the blind girl, paints an image of pure innocence or madness induced by misfortune.

It is the society instead, who is cruel, having made divisions based on caste, status, language and other differences. This is a heart touching tale of a Cow Punyakoti, who upheld truth on the face of death. Rajkumar's hit film Sanaadi Appanna was based on a novel of the same name. Roopli tries to make him leave her and go back to his parents but he rushes back in and shoots them with the same gun. He also entices Dalavayee to return with him, reminding him of the luxuries of his past life.

After realizing that they have no place in the colony anymore, Naik and Palegar slowly start to walk out but are held back by Parvathi and Belli who have truly come to love them. Around this point, the newly appointed engineer to the project turns out to be the man they earlier tormented, Purushottham. The movie ends with the voice saying that these forces in the society have made people forget about the true purpose of life, happiness. Naik tries to convince Dalavayee to take Roopli back but Dalavayee's marriage has been fixed to a rich man's daughter who has promised him an imported car as a gift. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage

Parvathi falls for Naik while Roopli and Dalavayee fall in love with each other. Dalavayee's oscillations in wanting to live a comfortable life with his parents and wanting to be with Roopli also strengthen the theme. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage also known as Punyakoti Song is famous folk song about the cow Punyakoti. Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage Lyrics. Bhaskar Chandavarkar composed the film version of the song rendered by singers P. Naik means leader, pizza connection game Dalavayee means commander and Palegar means landlord.

He observes Roopli and Dalavayee having a physical relation in secret but stays silent about it. Naik, who is visibly crushed, cradles the head of his dead friend and questions aloud as to why is god being so cruel with them to which a disembodied voice replies that God is not cruel. They live a carefree life consisting mainly of their debauchery. When an old acquaintance approaches them and requests them to loan him money, they insult him and declare that they would rather throw their money into the garbage than give him a loan. In the confusion that follows, both Dalavayee and Palegar declare that they will marry Roopli and Belli respectively while Naik and Parvathi accept their feelings for each other.

He ironically refuses to accept his son marrying a blind girl and throws both of them out. The whole colony bids farewell to Neela who rides off into the sunset. Your email address will not be published.

On the start of the monsoon, the project gets suspended and the daily wage workers are left without jobs. However, the plight of Roopli and the people he stayed with makes him change his mind and he decides to convince his parents. This play on words stays with you long after the movie ends. One day, they try to misbehave with Neela, who fights them off and then blackmails their families with dire consequences if they do not acquiesce to her conditions.

Initially enraged, they stay on fearing ridicule from Neela if they give up easily. On another occasion, they are shown enjoying a grand meal and alcohol in a restaurant. This pricks Palegar into confessing his sin and enrages Naik who proceeds to berate him. Roopli starts laughing maniacally and is brought back to the colony by Purushottham who then incites the crowd against Naik and Palegar who are beaten up by the bloodthirsty men of the colony. They convince the project owner and a reluctant Purushottham to make the people go with them to the city.

Meanwhile, Neela who came to gloat before leaving the country to get married, gets a rude shock on seeing that the three men have actually changed visibly. She feels sad on having put them through such troubles and begs them to return before she leaves the country. It talks about Truth, Love, Keeping the promise and being true to the words. However, after driving away from the dam, he throws Roopli out of the car and proceeds to give her money to forget his son.

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Naik's family refuses to acknowledge him and the people while he innocently makes them settle in his house. However, in this movie, the leader fights a lost cause, the commander lacks conviction in his decisions and the lord stays blind to his desires. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He then tells Roopli to enjoy the few moments they have together before he gets arrested.

The police are called and in the melee that follows, Palegar goes after a running Belli to fall under a speeding truck. He dies after voicing his last wish to have his eyes donated to Belli and requesting Naik to make her see the good that the world has to offer. Meanwhile, Palegar's father has been made the chairman of a disabled institution.

Who was the author of this novel? They however refuse, saying that they stay has actually made them better than they were in the city. This folklore has great moral values. He threatens to tell the people of the colony about their earlier exploits, but they beg him not to do so fearing that they will fall in the eyes of the simple people who have come to trust them. Naik, having fallen for her, agrees in a fit of bravado, believing that this will win her over and his friends follow suit.

The place that Neela has selected turns out to be the construction site of a huge dam. They get a rude awakening when they are told that they will be working as laborers and will live in huts like the common people.

The crowd disperses, seemingly placated by the fact that the three men will keep their word. When the people return, Belli's brother bemoans the fact that someone has done this to his innocent sister, while Naik believes that nobody from the colony could have done this. Naik storms in and fights with his father, brother and sister in law while his mother remains a mute spectator.