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We have many illusions about love that we create, depending on the social climate of the times. Written by rAjOo gunwanti hotmail. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. India portal Film portal Bollywood portal.

In the end, Vishal goes his own way, and so does Pooja. Just as he is leaving, he is stopped by Vishal and is told why is he leaving without Sapna. Radha Pooja Bhatt and Manohar Vivek Mushran love each other and want to get married, but Radha's dad Ashok Saraf does not approve of their marriage as Manohar comes from a poor family.

When she was seeing through the mirror she did not see Arun but he saw her. Policeman Vishal is shot when his boss bungles a raid on a boat.

If one has regrets then they are missing out. She then starts to love Arun. Learn more More Like This. Sometimes copying the taste and smell from another brands.

Deewane full movie

Destiny is like the family we are born into and Free will is what we become. Dilip Kumar, Nutan, Naseeruddin Shah. Widowed and elderly industrialist Sulakshana Devi allows her business and estate to be taken care of by her nephew, Balwant.

Was this review helpful to you? In the days leading up to Partition, a Hindu woman is abducted by a Muslim man.

Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. In that case Mahima had a great achieving as she starred in both these movies as a cameo role. Pooja had lots of freedom of expression, and Madhuri expressed her creativity through art and dance.

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Audible Download Audio Books. Trivia Karisma Kapoor was the first choice for Urmila Mathondkar role but opted out later. The film industry criticized Madhuri after a certain age but most of her best work came later Dil to Pagal Hai, Devadas, Pukaar.

He his introduced to Sargam during the launch of her new album by Ashwin Mehta owner of a music company. Then the Commissioner tells Vishals family that Arun is Vishal.

If possible, instead go out with your car and make new friends within these few hours. Then Pooja finds out that Arun loves Sapna and Pooja is heartbroken. Trivia Sachin's debut film as a director in Hindi films.

Ajay Devgn, Mahima Chaudhry, Kajol. Then a robbery happens and Arun Ajay Devgn is the robber who is the duplicate of Vishal.

For this, he seeks help from Rachit, a former associate of the trio. Soon, she finds herself not only forced into marriage, but living in a new country as the borders between India and Pakistan are drawn. Time passes by and Vishal comes back from coma and Sapna is shocked and starts to hate Arun because of him not being Vishal and not telling her. It is then they start to realize that their uncle has some other devious plans for them.

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Then it is revealed that when Pooja was telling Arun that Sapna loves Arun, she was actually talking to Vishal. Then Vishal unites Arun and Sapna. He tells her that he does not deserve her but Vishal does. Yeah, Ajay is back again in his double role after Hindustan Ki Kasam. Edit Storyline Policeman Vishal is shot when his boss bungles a raid on a boat.

To avoid the wrath of Vishal's family, his boss hires a lookalike to stop their suspicions. There are many sides to a woman, a true man no matter what his age is knows that. That kind of relation is an illusion, a photo is a worth a thousand words.

Prem deewane full movie

That why it is best to pursue a well-rounded education no need for phD analysis. Written by gavin gunmasterM hotmail. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When Rahul was gone to India for official trip He is attracted to Nisha, and announces that he will be marrying her soon.

Use dmy dates from August Portal templates with redlinked portals. Pooja cries and adamantly asks the Commissioner to tell her the whereabouts of Arun. Also Ajay's double role for second time did not produce any pure scenting smoke, instead resulted in a big bombing at box-office.

Then Vishal goes into a coma and then the Commissioner makes a scheme with Arun to portray him as Vishal in the world's eyes so criminals have a fear of Vishal. Anticipating more obstacles, they run away, guided by Radha's uncle Natwarlal Prem Chopra. Watch as events unfold itself and what a negative impact this will have on Vishaul's family.

He played double as a cop and other as a crook made no exception to flop the movie. The lives of four women from different places are the victims of male chauvinism and marital abuse.

Prem Deewane - IMDb

Prem means something along the lines of love, sf patch and Deewane means love or crazy lover. Dhadkan was a huge hit whereas Deewane was out of discussion. Deewane's plot and script is very poor in nature. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows.