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The one that I have been using recently is Copy That Game. Avoid using your operating system's built-in image mounting software. After the crack is installed, either run your game like normal or run the new executable file if that's how your specific crack works. Mount your disc image to the virtual drive.

Upon mounting the image file the computer will respond as though the disc has been inserted into the drive. If you own the media, you can use SlySoft's Game Jackal Pro to run the computer game directly from your hard drive even if copy protection schemes are used.

Avoid installing anything except the base software! When the image creation is complete, you can eject the disc from the optical drive.

To see it for yourself, click here. Select the image file on your computer to mount.

There are dozens of different forms of copy protection, and these steps won't work with everything. Create a digital copy of a game disc on your harddrive so that you no longer have to insert a physical disc to play. Instead, vedio for use the copy protection identification step above. This guide is for making legitimate copies of games that you own for backup purposes. These need to be placed in the game's directory on your computer.

How To Copy Any Game

These are programs that trick the game into thinking that the disc is in your drive. You will almost certainly wreck your xbox and void the warranty. If your drive doesn't support this mode, then you will likely need to install a patch later on in order to play the game. Set a location for the image.


The software will automatically select a file format based on basic data on the disc. Is this article up to date? When the disc is ripped, an image file is created on your hard drive.

Other options include file destination, image file format, and read speed. If the disc was not detected automatically, you can manually select its optical drive here. If you are having problems with a specific title, perform a web search to find detailed instructions for it.

How To Copy Any Game

Tips Ripping games is a fickle process, and you might find that some of your games don't rip properly. Wait for the rip to complete. If you want to make a backup of your game discs, you will need some specialized software and a bit of free time.

Once the disc has been mounted, it will act exactly as if the physical disc was inserted into a physical drive. Enter a name for the image file, select a format, and save location. With hard disk space constantly becoming cheaper and faster, it's easy to have an entire library of games accessible from one place. Once you have the image file on your computer, you can either burn it to a blank disc or use a virtual drive to load the image file as if it was a disc. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

The installation for cracks varies from game to game. Others are executable files that replace the game's main executable file. Start the ripping process.

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Since gaming piracy is a large market, cracks have become a very popular way to spread viruses. Open up your ripping software. The other great thing about this product is that it is sold through Clickbank which is one of the biggest and most trusted vendors on the internet. When you have set your preferences, press the arrow to begin the image creation. Can you tell us which parts were out of date so we can update them?

These burning programs range from free to paid, but all of them should be able to get the job done. Pick your imaging and virtual drive software.

Most modern drives support this, though you may run into issues on older computers. Watch out for bloatware when installing freeware or shareware programs.

The best brands of discs are Memorex, Verbatim, and Sony. Are you worried that your game discs are going to get scratched or damaged? Insert the disc and open Disk Utility. Both Read-Only and Compressed format choices will create a. Simply double click the image file to mount - no third party software necessary.

For the purposes of mounting a disc to play a game, either will work fine. Select the disc drive for image creation. When you start up the image burning program, load the disc image that you created in the first section. You can find cracks in a variety of places online.

How To Copy Any Game

Open the burning software. You will need to know the type of copy protection that the disc is using before you can start ripping it. Make sure that you scan the downloaded crack for viruses, and only download cracks from trusted sources.

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