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Problems with ordering via Steam. Mouse Cursor still missing in my game. Beware the pollution level of your town as your citizens are sensitive to their living environment and could run away.

Build cities, shape a world. Discover all the features of a classical city builder in a great solo campaign before discovering a complete universe online, giving the game an hugely extended lifespan.

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Download and installation issues. All recent searches will be deleted.

Off-topic Review Activity. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. In the crash, logs were not created.

Create your avatar and discover a world of different cities. Yes, I guess you could set up your own server, but the bandwidth requirements are high and you'll need to develop code to allow sharing of trade, planet slots, deep shredder 12 cities etc.

Cities XL 2011 PC Game Overview

Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. That is all I did and have been playing for hours on end with no problems. All other names, trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners.

However, I tried a final idea and I copied the encryption key from my laptop to a shared drive between my computers and moved it to my pc. You'd probably infringe a copyright somewhere along the line so it's probably not all that good an idea. This failed to make money and was closed, shortly followed by the bankruptcy of the developer, Monte Cristo. Most of those are related to the initial problem with the Steam version, which should have been solved automatically already.

Cities XL 2011 PC Game Overview


Don't damn every time Focus-Team have done bad work. Poor Performance or Multicore Support discussions.

Connect every city that you build in a trade network, specialize some of them so that they can provide for others, thus creating a large-scale economy balance. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. If the worst happens and you lose a city and didn't have a backup, then the following two articles to be rewritten here ultimately detail methods that might allow your city to be recovered. It seems that Norton, was blocking the activation process in some ways even though the installation and activation all say they were successfully installed. Take on the role of virtual mayor and find solutions to the problems faced by modern city planners like energy shortages and public transportation.

Besides, even if they did, it's code for the version and wouldn't work for the version, which is heavily modified to allow it to be more usable in single player. If you don't have the latest game version, please download and install the latest patch and right click, run as administrator to install it. Specialize your cities and set up a trade network with neighboring towns to ensure large-scale financial success with an increasingly complex network of cities! After some hours of thinking and deactivating two of my six cores in Bios and the game run fine.

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Turn them off and everything will work fine. Just uncomfortable to play very. City Attractiveness Trailer. Some crashes reportedly start after building a blueprint. Anyway, it consists in slow access to interface buttons after some time of playing the same city, especially when the city has a big population.

About This Game Build cities, shape a world. So I guess it is just a coincidence that cracked versions make use of freeimage as well. They actually claim this is not a cracked copy, it's absolutely official. If you can't see the mouse cursor in game, your problem is probably that you have mouse trails turned on. The code would shortly be available to anybody and it would be quite unlikely that the game would see any further development.

This article details all known issues, solutions or workarounds where known and how to obtain additional support. DirectX has a global data array, and each worker thread accesses a dedicated element in that global array.

Read more about it in the blog post. This article to be rewritten here eventually details how to backup saved games. Microsoft Show hidden files.