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He also acted in folkloric and mythological flicks like Bhairava Dweepam and Sri Krishnarjuna Yuddham. At the same time, heroine character is not killed to show her as one of the suspects. The first half of the film is adequate. He handles comedy department exceptionally well with the right dialogue delivery and diction. Indumathi is a kind of film that is made with the purpose of entertainment by leaving the basic plot aside.

And her performance in the scene in which she banters after getting drunk is very good. However, the color grading makes it up for the island episodes in the second half. And they are visited by a psychopath Sivaji the next day. And she is extremely glamorous with liberal exposure of her dusky skin.

She meets Anand Tarun on her journey. She then went to Tollywood. The villains are projected as the most dreaded till climax and they are shown in the positive light at end. It possesses one of the best screenplays in the recent times. Ahuti Prasad scores again in this film.

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Sonu Sood looks deadly in the role of Aghora. Priyamani is hot in this film. He has got good comedy timing. Nice rendition by Saindhavi helps the mood of the situation.

Prema sagaram

The only song in the film is good. The songs in the film go with the flow of narration. Other departments Songs scored by Sri Vasanth are good. Samukam lo Rayabaramendulake.

She is known for her bravery in saving the Samstanam by killing Pasupathi Sonu Sood an evildoer who creates ruckus in that place. It appears like she dubbed her own voice in certain scenes of the film.

Profiles of some of these actresses can be seen by clicking on the links. The direction by B Gopal is decent in the first half. You can see B Gopal kind of mass elements in the second half.


All other artists are appropriately cast in their roles. His own dubbing dubbing for Vennela was done by Uttej in this film is good. Indumathi Telugu Movie Review.

Rupa Devi who did the role of an occult practicing woman is highly convincing. Last Word The story idea is good. His first film was Tatammakala in which N.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. His dances are fabulous and his energy levels in dances are increasing from film to film.

She did not wear any make-up. Shafi is good as the doctor who goes through psychological transformation. Bhadrachala Ramadasu Keerthanalu.

The court and jail episode. Screenplay of the film is considerably good. Kelly Dorji did not have much to do on the screen except for looking amused. Since then she has appeared in many Telugu and Kannada films and recently in Majaa with Vikram.

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Other Departments Music by Anoop Rubens is adequate. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. After Devdas, this film gives an oppurtunity to Ram to portray the entire gamut of emotions. But at times, curtis grimes irresponsible sound was used excessively. Monali Chowdary is good in a cameo.

Visual effects and graphics done by Rahul Nambiar are extraordinary. Another interesting thing I observed in this film is overt affection between the couple in the film.

She is praised as Jejemma named after the famous Goddess in that area. The movie turns around from this moment. She gave wide variety of expressions in this film.

Background music and rerecording by Koti is brilliant. Sunil is entertaining in a brief role done in this film.