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Hindustani singers Mughal Empire people. Bacchu is identified with Baiju by a section of scholars. In the movie, Tansen is known to be the greatest musician alive. Gopal married his disciple Prabha, and the couple had a daughter named Meera.

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Hindustani classical music. He also adopted an orphan named Gopal, and trained him to be a musician.

Nobody is allowed to sing in the city unless he or she can sing better than Tansen. Gharanas of Hindustani Music and Genealogies. The film was a big commercial success. The Local Muhammadan Dynasties. Anyone who attempts to sing, without doing it better than Tansen, is executed.

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Baiju came to the contest, and performed extraordinary feats such as hypnotizing deer through his rendering of Raag Mrigranjini and melting a stone slab through Raag Malkauns. Baiju's father dies when Tansen's sentry tries to stop him from singing. Encyclopaedia of Indian music. Tansen recognized him and embraced him. Once, while Baiju was away, Gopal left Chanderi permanently, lured by some Kashmiri merchants who wanted him to serve their king.

Some immortals of Hindustani music. The Raja introduced him to emperor Humayun, who was pleased with his singing and granted his wish to release the Gujarati prisoners. The queen of Gwalior, Rani Mriganayani, also became his disciple.

When Baiju returned home, he was shocked to find his entirely family gone. Musical heritage of India. History of Indian music and musicians. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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He was about to be killed, when he was recognized by a Raja allied with the Mughals. He asked his own patron Raja Ramachandra Baghela of Rewa to organize a musical contest, in hope that Baiju would come to this contest to salvage his reputation. Gradually, Baiju became famous, and was invited to the court of the Raja of Chanderi.

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Years later, Baiju avenges his father's death by defeating Tansen in a musical duel. In Chanderi, Baiju's adopted son Gopal also became famous. For the Bollywood film, see Baiju Bawra film. Nearly all the information on Baiju Bawra comes from legends, bhagavad geeta in gujarati and lacks historical authenticity.