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In some cases, using wider chairs may help reduce the gap, but often the problem can be avoided by careful preliminary problem. If seating comfort is a high priority, thought must be given to a particular width and the space taken up by chair arms to determine an actual size.

Obviously, this auditorium seating layout brings even more spectators closer to the performer, but at the same time it creates certain restrictions. Although it would seem like more space is called for, a continental seating plan is often not any less efficient than a multiple-aisle arrangement. For accurate planning in an assembly area, this line must be identified so as not to over or underestimate the potential of a row of chairs. In all cases, the dimension increases proportionately to the distance traveled toward an exit door. In many areas the flammability of the room finishes, including the chair construction, is also covered.

However, this form may not be conducive to a close relationship between performer and spectator. For example, by varying seat widths in successive rows, aesthetic integrity of the aisles can be maintained. In a continental arrangement, all seats are located in a central section. They should establish a priority, and filter out those items that may tend to make the space too demanding or too flexible. Offers degree visuals, so you can bring more spectators closer to the performers.


See also block-statistics and the latest blocks. It should be noted that these dimensions are nominal, being measured from center to center of the support legs. However, if the resulting irregular aisle alignment from either solution is unacceptable, similar results can be achieved through other methods. See popular blocks and top brands.

Aisle-ways must be carefully studied in relation to the seating arrangement desired. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. However, thought must be given to such items as a chalkboard or projection screen so that the lower edge is within view of the most distant spectator.

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The condition might be overlooked during early planning stages of your auditorium seating layout, resulting in an unacceptable row spacing where chairs abut a rear wall. So if you have questions about your auditorium seating layout or fixed seating project, chittagong film we can help.

The extreme condition exists where a large elevation change between rows is combined with a minimum row spacing. Need professional help with your project? The back to back dimension of a row of seats abutting a rear wall should also be carefully studied. Improves the hearing and visual contact between spectator and performer. Here, an individual can take advantage of the open area under a seat and the free space created by the pitched back of a chair.

With this arrangement, some spectators will enjoy the optimum benefit from seat staggering, while others will get only minimal improvement. Flat or less steeply sloped floors will usually allow a person to extend their knees and legs even under minimum row spacing conditions. Not very conducive to close relationship between performer and spectator.

For this activity, the seating parameters are established by the screen or image size. This offers seating in a full degree containment. This results when the chair leg and aisle steps are not parallel. In addition, it may lend itself comfortably to rectangular areas which will fit many conventional new or renovated buildings. Aisle steps should always be extended to fall as close to the end chair as possible.

Perhaps film projection requires the most critical sightline analysis, since poor seat location will result in distorted images. At any time during a presentation, a performer will be facing only a portion of the audience.

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However, this may still not guarantee a totally uninterrupted line of sight. Obviously, this can be done by simply raising the display wall or screen, or by elevating the entire presentation area in accordance with the results of the sightline study. If this type of direct contact is essential, perhaps a different form, as described below, may be more appropriate. Ideally, the char back serves as a protective railing.


Each size is unique, with specific guidelines governing row size, row spacing, and exit ways. Normally, the pitched back of a chair will overlap a riser face, automatically reducing the width of that row unless succeeding rows are similarly positioned. This form is well suited to lecture, film, or slide presentations. Insert new block you have to be logged in.

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Some codes will also identify clearances as they are affected by such items as tablet arms, where their attachment may impede emergency areas. At this point, it becomes necessary to consider increasing the back to back dimension to provide more leg room.

Want to download the whole library? Building codes also deal with such issues as the size and location of exit doors, emergency aisle lighting, railings, floor slope at aisles and riser heights. Not to be overlooked of course is the natural tendency for individuals to reposition themselves in their seats in order to improve sightlines.

First Name E-Mail Address. This will be an awesome guide for Architects, building owners, or anyone else needing to learn about and run a fixed seating project.