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About That Life is the fourth full-length studio album by American metalcore band Attila. Close your eyes Close your fists And imagine that your enemy's in front of you Now what would happen? All of the songs on the album are titled after films that Robert Rodriguez produced or directed, continuing a trend set from their debut album.

Yeah, don't forget your past. Fuck the world, everyone sucks dick.

Please read the disclaimer. Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats. Attila issue statement on departure of drummer, Sean Heenan! The album was also the last release from the band to feature long time drummer and co-founder of the band, Angelo Parente. When asked about the decision, Salameh said that he wanted to focus on living a drug and alcohol-free life.

Attila (metalcore band)

Now what, you've got your hand out to give an offer that we can't refuse, well you must not know me well. The New Kings Take a look at who's standing before you, how does it feel to know you shunned us from the start.

Cry a motherfucking river full of lies and get a attention, it's a pity party. Clearly, the guy who wrote these lyrics must have attention deficit disorder. Fame will never last, so let the new kings take the throne. All lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. The album was produced by Stephan Hawkes, who has previously worked with such bands as Burning the Masses and American Me.

Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc. You will never be forgiven, not as long as I'm here livin', and I'm never going to forget just how you treated us like shit right when we needed help the most. When we were begging for a chance to try, you shook your head and acted like it was a joke. It is also the debut of drummer Pablo Viveros.

Look in the eyes of a king. Forced to eternal damnation and guilt in your own mind. It is the band's debut release on the label.

Attila (metalcore band)

ATTILA LYRICS - About That Life album

How can you talk down on your biggest fan, your career is on its way to the garbage can. It is the band's third release on the label. Fronzak released a statement concerning the incident, saying he could apply for reconsideration in two years. Soundtrack to a Party Bonus.

Eat my shit, tamil agarathi font then I'll pretend to give a fuck about it. Redirected from About That Life Atilla album.

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Yeah, Don't forget your past, everyone can see through you. Come and protest this dick, faggots.

Album About That Life (2013)

It's always like this, when people try to change their mind as if I would forget. Eat shit, you're a hypocrite and I don't forget the past bitch, You must be a brain dead fool. Everyone can see through you, fame will never last, So let the new kings take the throne. Outlawed is the third full-length album by American metalcore band Attila. Guilty Pleasure is the fifth full-length album by American metalcore band Attila.

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About That Life

You changed your fucking mind? Start a motherfucking riot, bitch you love it and you can't even deny it.

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Chaos is the sixth full-length album by American metalcore band Attila. Attila played the entirety of the Vans Warped Tour on the main stage. Rage is the second full-length album by American metalcore band Attila.

It is the band's only release on the label after leaving Artery Recordings, and is the first to be produced by Erik Ron, succeeding long-time producer Joey Sturgis. Nu metal metalcore rap metal.

Now that everybody knows, here we go, let the haters unfold. Unforgiveable, your life is meaningless you motherfucker. They have released eight full length albums. Infamous is the second studio album by American metal band Motionless in White. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.