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By this utterance of truth, may there always be happiness to you. One of the best Pirith Chanting I heard was by a small boy call Dhammaruwan, which is something special. Also in the Dhamma is this precious jewel. Then a certain deity at the late night with surpassing splendor, having illuminated the entire Jeta's Grove, came to the Blessed One. Being protected by them, may you be free from all dangers.

They fulfill the happiness of all beings. Generosity, righteous practice, supporting one's relatives and blameless actions. In the same way, may you reach the highest stage and rejoice in it. Also in the Buddha is this precious jewel.

Paritta Chanting - For Protection and Practice

There sets the sun, which gives eyes to the whole world to see, which is the sole king, golden and bright all over the earth. Therefore, oh deities, listen, all of you. Maha Kassapa delights in this teaching and is cured.

Sinhala pirith mp3

That peacock having made this protection went about to search for food. By the power of this discourse, three types of disasters that broke out due to epidemic disease, inhuman beings and famine, quickly disappeared. May you overcome all enemies and may you be peaceful.

They are great and free from fear. There are in the northern direction divine beings called Yakkhas who have great power. The Great Compassionate Lord fulfilled all the Perfections for the benefit of all beings and reached the highest state of the Supreme Enlightenment. No ce me dhajaggam ullokeyyatha, atha pajapatissa devarajassa dhajaggam ullokeyyatha.

They bring offerings to you day and night. He sponsored to web hosting and also he sponsored for pirith.

May two footed creatures not harm me. Aparajita pallanke, sise puthuvipukkhale, abhiseke sabba buddhanam, aggappatto pamodati. May you together with all your relatives, be free from all diseases and be happy.

Sinhala pirith mp3

It is sorrowless, stainless and secure. May all beings be happy and safe. The Lord Buddha teaches the ten contemplations to Ven. Girimananda had become very ill. Tapo ca brahmacariyanca, ariyasaccana dassanam nibbana sacchikiriya ca etam mangalam-uttamam.

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By the power of this Paritta, the forest fire passed over the great being who was reborn as a quail while he was fulfilling the perfections for Buddhahood. In the Dhamma is this precious jewel. Here ends the Discourse on the Factors of Enlightenment. Angulimala Suttam Nitthitam. All these Buddhas have extinguished the defilements and they are conquerors.

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Ananda requests help from the Lord Buddha because Ven. Chanting of and Listening to the Suttas. Homage to Kakusandha Buddha who defeated the army of Mara evil one.

Atanatiya piritha mp3Download Pirith Mp3 form Ven Nauyane Ariyadhamma Maha Thero

Dhajagga Suttam Nitthitam. Having obtained good results may you have bliss and growth in the Dispensation of the Buddha. He who wants to penetrate the state of perfect peace Nibbana and is skilled in his goodness, should practice the three kinds of training. Let there be homage to the Blessed Ones, let there be homage to Supreme Enlightenment of the Buddhas, let there be homage to those who have become free from bondage. May many footed creatures not harm me.

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May the Buddhas who are peacemakers protect you always so that you are happy. The Buddha has declared that hiding such a wrong doing is incapable of a person who has seen Nibbana with Noble Path.

May those beings who are in fear be free from fear. May all blessings be upon you. These Buddhas possess a radiant light, great power, great wisdom and great strength, great compassion and steadfast concentration. The number of such beings who are saved from danger is indeed innumerable.

To this extent, may all deities rejoice in the accomplishment of merits which we have thus fulfilled. Evam me sutam ekam samayam bhagava savatthiyam viharati jetavane anathapindikassa arame. Let him not wish any harm to another by misdeed, bad speech and ill will.

Atanatiya Suttam Nitthitam. By the gracious power of all Samghas, may you all ever be well and happy. May footless creatures not harm me. Even the water that washed the seat of one who recites this protective Sutta, best games for android phone destroys all dangers. The monk verified that it was indeed the ancient pali language and the boy were chanting it in an ancient style which no longer existed in world.

Let us recite this Paritta. On such a day all bodily actions are right, all verbal actions are right, and all mental actions are right. The Great Courageous One preached this sutta so that it would protect them from dangers and no harm would fall on the four social classes of people. There are in the eastern direction divine beings called Gandhabbas who have great power. Those, beings seen or unseen, those dwelling far or near, those who are already born or who are to be born, may all beings be entirely happy.

That peacock made this protection and then went to sleep. Whatever treasures there be either here or in the world beyond, or whatever precious jewel is in the heavenly world, there is no equal to the Accomplished Samgha. In this world, those who have extinguished all the flames of passions and have thoroughly seen things as they really are - these persons being Arahants never slander. Man g ala Sutta the Discourse on the Blessings f o r bl ess in gs a nd pr ospe rity. Whether he is standing, walking, sitting or lying down, as long as he is awake he should develop this mindfulness of loving kindness.

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