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Synopsis This Turkish drama is the adaptation of American movie Mrs. Where can I buy the series? He does not accept job offers about commercials in order not to mislead people and he even turns down many offers for tv series not to sacrifice his years theatre work. Devastated, drums software windows 7 Demir leaves Asi and everything behind without even wanting to listen to the wrongly accused Asi.

To Demir's dismay, Ali openly shows that he is attracted to Asi. Demir, however, is suspicious of Bulent's business ethics and tries to warn İhsan. Asi tries to find a way to better their family's finances. An innocent pastrycook Melek gets accused of injuring an important politician's son.

Asi starts planning and working for her organic farm. It makes you cry and lough so easally.

Turkish drama

Unfortunately, Demir's planned new manufactory seems to pose a threat to her plans. Asi disapprovingly observes that Ali gets closer to Melek in order to be near her. Can i buy the drama with eng subtitles or in urdu? Melisa Asli Pamuk became the lead character Hayal in the short movie Dat zit wel snor in which was a joint production of Bos Bros.

For Asi's sake, Demir proposes looking for a new area to build the manufactory, and initially succeeds in convİncing his new business partner Zafer until Ali once again interferes. Asya is overjoyed about the news that Demir is her father. Asi is shocked and angered.

All artists of drama played a vital role. Due to this reason, they fight all the time and eventually decide to get divorce. On Asi's birthday, she is given a surprise party. Asya seems to be ready to accept Demir as her father as he gradually grows dearer to her.

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He is no longer able to keep his illness a secret from Kerim who is devastated at the news. Ali is more than happy about Demir's arrest. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Defne's parents are as much against their marriage as Kerim's family. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He won Hacettepe University State Conservatory in and started to study theatre.

List of Asi episodes

Its the only Turkish drama I liked the most. Lists of Turkish drama television series episodes.

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Especially when Demir, by mere chance, meets Asya without knowing that she is his daughter. The director made his best to show us the natural beauty of the town that the couple used to live. Can you walk if you are alone on the right track? Things between Asi and Demir become more complicated when Asi overhears that Demir is going to marry Zeynep, the woman whose life he saved.

Meanwhile, Zafer tries to find out who has tried to convict him. In the meantime, Kerim and Defne's attraction to each other continually grows. She and her father try to overcome the financial burden and for this reason, put extra effort to get productive harvest. In her grief she stays away from Demir.

Saddened and disillusioned, Asi returns home and is finally told the truth when İhsan tells her of Demir's illness. As story develops, Demir falls in love with Asi even though she is the daughter of his enemy.

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God belss you all for your wonderfull work! Neriman is convinced that Demir and Aslan have something to do with the murder of her father. The devastated Defne sees Kerim with another woman.

Therefore, he decides to stay in Antakya in order to find out who Asya's father is. Demir decides to move his business to Antakya and wants to take his revenge from Kozcuoglu family. Demir is upset at Asi's lack of confidence in him.

On Melek and Ali's wedding, Demir happily brings his newly found father along. Aslan is caught in a fire at the farm. Kadir is a workaholic and fearless and does not refrain from putting himself into danger. Demir who has found out where Asi and Asya are, seizes the opportunity and takes his daughter Asya back with him to Turkey.

Consequently, Asi gives Ali an ultimatum to leave her house as soon as possible. In the meantime, he finds out that the Kozcuoglu family allegedly drove his mother to commit suicide. Demir returns from Paris and proposes marriage to Asi and is accepted. He tries to keep away from her but he finds it so difficult to resist his strong feelings.