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Install the crossover tube on the water pump and cap screws. Install the cam stopper assembly.

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Be sure to follow the directive because it deals with the possibility of severe personal injury or even death. Each section covers a specific component or system in addition to easy-to-understand repair procedures, such as disassembly, inspection, cleaning, assembly and reinstallation instructions. Connect the speed sensor connector to the sen- sor housing.


The light will not speed or heavy load can raise engi- high oil temperature can cause en- be illuminated when the lights are ne temperature. Note the location of the bearing align- ment pin on the secondary output shaft.

Arctic Cat ATV Manuals

Arctic Cat recommends the use of new yoke. We have downloadable repair manuals for nearly every Arctic Cat quad manufactured.

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Install the four cylinder head cap screws with the front cam chain guide into the cylinder. Account for the bearing alignment C-ring on the bearing boss next to the pinion gear. Note the location of the differ- ent-lengthed cap screws. Stagger the end gaps of the upper and lower thin oil rings according to the illustration.

You can download a manual to your computer, tablet or smart phone and get it in seconds. The Electronic Control Unit detects whether the gear is shifted down or up during the voltage change. Secure with Phillips-head screws.

Account for a gasket, two align- ment pins, and an idle gear limiter bushing. Install the secondary and primary driveshaft assemblies. Apply a liberal amount of oil to the crankshaft bearing. Drive System Front drive actuator Front drive differential Drive axles Rear gear case Hub Hydraulic brake caliper Troubleshooting drive system Troubleshooting brake system.

If a valve guide is out of tolerance, it must be replaced. Account for the opposite-side cir- clip. Note the location of two alignment pins. Servicing Top-Side Components sub-section.

Wash the cylinder in parts-cleaning solvent. Place the driven pulley assembly into position and secure with the nut. Rotate the reel counterclockwise until the notch of the reel is near the rope guide in the case.

Install the air intake plate. Place the crankshaft on a set of V blocks. Install the protective cover into the handle. Always fill the gas tank in a well- overfilled, gas may leak onto the ventilated area. An identifying number is stamped on each key.

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Then using Arctic Cat Engine Pre- dry area. Most importantly, dreamweaver cs6 extensions each repair manual is model and year specific to ensure you get the best repair information.

Connect the temperature sensor wire to the main harness. The subsequent pages give detailed procedures. If the gear indicator blinks, record the number of blinks, since this indicates the type of failure.

Steps in the preceding sub-section must precede this procedure. Acceptable width range must be within specifi- cations.

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Pushing in on this button activates brake. Using light pressure, move the valve cover in a figure eight motion. Using a calipers, in turn measure the thickness of the machined tip of each shift fork. Any help is greatly appreciated! Camshaft alignment marks parallel to the valve cover mating surface.

Arctic Cat ATV Manuals