Animal Movies For Kids

Night Shyamalan The Sixth Sense cowrote the screenplay. Bernard who slowly gains the love of a father. It's up to the canine to get his new companion back where she belongs.

Prepare yourself for a roller coaster of emotions with this Disney flick. There's frigid fun aplenty with a variety of films in the franchise.

When she saves some goose eggs from a nearby work site, she soon learns raising goslings may be more trouble than she'd originally expected. Another good story turned movie about what happens when you put greed ahead of nature.

Animal movies for kids

Chicken Run The movie is set on an egg farm. Bernard and the comedic misadventures of his owners as they try to raise the slobbery Beethoven?

Marty is a hero who takes action for what he believes is just. This animated film based on E. Because of their heightened intelligence, the rats can no longer live as nature intended and must find ways to steal electricity and other technology from humans instead. The film is loosely based on the boyhood memoirs of Willie Morris, who went on to become editor of Harper's magazine. Naturally, his plans for the crew lead straight to Mr.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Print. But with the help of the wise and talented spider Charlotte, Wilbur learns what it means to be brave.

Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Charlotte s Web

Who will take home the ultimate prize? Did not impact my decision. But, without the bees pollinating the flowers, the flowers all die and the entire ecosystem starts to collapse. As the critters grow up, things take a sad turn. White tale finds itself on the screen.

There, they get stolen by smugglers and have to escape. Who could possibly forget the massive St. You will love to hear the serene voices of Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin. Things are certainly going to heat up in the kitchen when these two form an unlikely friendship.

Animal movies for kids

The movie involves a pair of turkeys who use a time machine to travel back in time. The stray rescues the family from a bear and a wolf, but in the process catches rabies, leading to the film's melancholy finale. When his mother tries to stop the others from tormenting him, she gets locked up for being mad.

Family Movies with Surprisingly Scary Scenes. Yet another example of how heartbreaking pet movies can be, Old Yeller remains an American classic. But this is no match for the duo. Landing a soulmate is difficult, photo studio billing software even if you're a penguin. It is about a blue macaw parrot who is stolen from his nest by bird smugglers.

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Tina Fey-narrated monkey documentary is funny, educational. You will love the heartwarming ending to the movie.

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The amusement park decides they have to kill Willy in order to get the insurance money, so the boy hatches a plan to free Willy back into the ocean. Guy Pearce, Freddie Highmore. But the parrot, named Blu, is so domesticated that he never learns to fly. Beatrix Potter's beloved tale gets the modern-day treatment in this live-action flick that hops its way straight into hearts.

Based on the Phyllis Reynolds Naylor book, the story raises ethical questions about abuse and lying. The film is sometimes dark, though it offers a lot of opportunities to laugh as well.

Animal movies for kids

It's a party for the rabbits and their crew until the new McGregor arrives. Fortunately, Muble is super smooth on his feet and has some killer dance moves. She's surely trouble for two dalmatians who fall in love and have a litter of adorable puppies.

Willy is an orca which gets captured by whalers and sold to an amusement park. Beethoven narrates a tale of a St. Because the main characters save the rare flightless bird from the psychotic explorer. Determined to return to her family, Lassie sets off on a dangerous journey to get back home. He then meets the baby bear whose mother he killed.

When he falls off the delivery truck, a girl named Linda finds and adopts him. Few stories touch boys and men as this weeper does. You will like the message regarding social responsibilities that the film delivers. The movie follows the life of Black Beauty as he is sold to various owners. Think your four-legged friend waits patiently by the door for your arrival?

One is trained to be a circus performer, while the other is bred to be a natural-born killer. The movie also features a delightful score by the Sherman Brothers Mary Poppins. The bees toil at the same job for all their lives just to support the honey industry.