Android 4.3

Apps can display text or handle text editing in left-to-right or right-to-left scripts. For example, the runnable might specify another animation to start when the previous one finishes. The development of Android started in by Android, Inc. From the preview, users can directly load the Live Wallpaper.

You can also define multiple root-style kernels in a single Renderscript source file. They can be entirely self-contained, such as a widget that offers controls to play music, or they can let users jump straight to an Activity in your app, after unlocking along the way as needed. Users can add as many as five lock screen widgets, choosing from widgets provided by installed apps. Just start touching numbers or letters and the dial pad will automatically suggest numbers or names.

You'll be able to launch any intents attached to the notification or its actions, as well as dismiss it from the system, allowing your app to provide a complete user interface to notifications. Use the previous and next buttons, as well as the keyboard arrows, to change the displayed item. The animation framework now uses vsync timing to automatically handle synchronization across animators. For this, the system can help your app choose the best display to use. MediaPlayer supports chaining audio streams together to play audio files without pauses.

At execution time, Renderscript optimizes the run order and the connections between these operations for best performance. Notifications can also be disabled individually per-app. To give users an optimal experience, you can update the widget to use the full lock screen area when available and resize when needed on smaller screens.

Daydreams combine the best capabilities of live wallpapers and home screen widgets, but they are more powerful. You can now debug your Renderscript compute scripts on xbased emulator and hardware devices.

Multichannel audio lets you deliver rich media experiences to users for applications such as games, music apps, and video players. This is useful for apps that require seamless transitions between audio files such as music players to play albums with continuous tracks or games.

Other changes include improvements to the notifications, which can be accessed from the lockscreen and displayed within applications as top-of-the-screen banners. Even more features Check them out. The Application Tray is also available on all screen sizes. Apps can query whether the current network is metered before beginning a large download that might otherwise be relatively expensive to the user. Android Developers Portal.

You can evaluate fields of interest in the notifications, process or add context from your app, and route them for display in any way you choose. Old version Older version, still supported Latest version Latest preview version Future release.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. As optimization improves, your operations execute faster and on more chipsets, without any work on your part.

App widgets can now be displayed in third party launchers and other host apps through a new bind Intent AppWidgetManager. Enhanced photo daydream - navigate through interesting albums. In addition to the templated styles, you can create your own notification styles using any remote View.

New developer options give you more ways to profile and debug on a device. Uncalibrated gyroscope and uncalibrated magnetometer sensors report raw measurements as well as estimated biases to apps. Now, the withLayer method on ViewPropertyAnimator simplifies this process with a single method call.

If your app already includes home screen widgets, you can extend them to the lock screen with minimal change. Apps can now define the exit and entry animation types used on a window when the device is rotated. Explore these carousel items.

You can also add features to your widgets that might be especially useful or convenient on the lock screen. Apps can take advantage of wireless displays in the same way as they do other external displays and no extra work is needed. Personalized SafeSearch Voice Search. In most cases, the new platform technologies and enhancements do not directly affect your apps, so you can benefit from them without any modification. Dial pad autocomplete Just start touching numbers or letters and the dial pad will automatically suggest numbers or names.

Users can install and uninstall apps at any time in their own environments. You can now sample textures in your Renderscript compute scripts, and new pragmas are available to define the floating point precision required by your scripts. The system uses the custom animation types when the window is fullscreen and is not covered by other windows. Apps can make use of new Arabic and Hebrew locales and associated fonts.

Android Jelly Bean

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Android operating system. Android Beam can now also be used to initiate Bluetooth file transfers through near-field communication. Notifications have long been a unique and popular feature on Android. Together with existing Systrace tags, tariq ismail sagar novels custom app sections can give you new ways to understand the performance and behavior of your apps.

Apps can now display larger, richer notifications to users that can be expanded and collapsed with a pinch or swipe. When your app runs in a profile, it can check for any restrictions configured by the owner and enforce them appropriately. The actions let the users respond directly to the information in the notification in alternative ways. Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Android Jelly Bean

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With expandable notifications, apps can give more information to the user, effortlessly and on demand. Pseudo-locales make it easier to test your app's localization. If you have a directed acyclic graph of Renderscript operations to run, you can use a builder class to create a script group defining the operations. The familiar system bar appears on the bottom, with buttons easily accessible from either hand. Apps can set new orientation modes for Activities to ensure that they are displayed in the proper orientation when the device is flipped.

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