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It would have been better if Andy had one background exerciser showing the modifications. He is less talkative than in the other workouts because he is doing the majority of the workout and getting gassed just like the backgrounders and those of us at home. If I had a criticism it is again the lack of cool down and stretches at the end. However, it has been rather illuminating for me to learn how many calories I am burning not just when I workout but all day.

Thank you so much for this very informative review. Sprint Balance Hold hold one knee up until he tells you to switch, then jump to other foot, holding other knee up. For the warm up, you do each exercise seconds. My goal over time is to keep up with Andy while increasing the amount of weight used.

He is a very good trainer who created an impressive program that is pretty well rounded. Andy often shows modifications for the exercises after starting the set which means beginners will miss some time waiting to see what they should be doing. While there was plenty of cardio, I liked the addition the plank variations to work the core. My thighs were on fire at the end.

When he is walking around he is pointing out modifications and offering encouragement. He seems at ease in front of the camera and has good camaraderie with the two background exercisers.

The work to rest ratio changes with each round and will be detailed below. There is no equipment needed for this workout. There are brick looking walls with large windows in the background.

Once I got over being surprised, I found that the constant movement does do a nice job of opening up the joints and promoting flexibility. Andy and crew each only had one set of dumbbells but I used more than that. You can make it more advanced by going faster and making the plyo moves really explosive. With the right weights I would say it is high intermediate.

Andy and Christina use bodyweight only. On the floor is a very large black mat. Not just with all the push presses, but the plank work. It can be made easier by following the modifier who does a better job than the cardio workout of showing options, or harder by using heavy weights and really pushing the plyo moves. The work periods are longer, the rests are shorter, and the choice of moves are more advanced.

Even modified, I think this workout may be too much for beginners and is more low intermediate when done modified. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Sweep basically the Rockstar Sweep but faster and with no push up and your starting position is the Crawl position rather than a plank. But faster paced and shorter!

Andy is wearing longer shorts and no shirt. Graham is wearing shorts and a t-shirt and Christina is athletic leggings and a t-shirt. The one minute cardio move is split switches. These are broken down into phases. This workout was a lot more active than I thought it would be.

Notify me of new posts via email. That said, I want to do hiit, and I want to combine weights. His talk focuses on form, on pointing out modifications, offering encouragement and some occasional good natured ribbing of Graham, the male background exerciser. To me, they felt like they flowed better and were more well rounded. Plus, just lift lighter weights and as your fitness improves you can increase the amount of weight you lift.

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Graham is wearing longer shorts and a t-shirt and Christina is wearing a t-shirt and fitness shorts. Someone who is overweight and out of shape will burn a lot more calories doing any kind of workout than someone who is lean and very fit. That critique aside, this is a really good core workout that has a lot of variety.

While there was plenty of cardio, I liked the addition of the plank variations to work the core. Yes, that sounds like a good plan for burning fat. In order to get the best all around results from this workout you need to go heavy. Graham uses the weight for some exercises to show an advanced version.

Anarchy one day, weights another. Unlike the other Anarchy workouts, saraswatichandra novel in gujarati Andy does these workouts solo. Where can I buy The Anarchy Workout? Upon your review I decided to give this workout a try. This workout is progressive.

Nevertheless, still a great workout. Graham is wearing shorts and a t-shirt and Christina is wearing a bra type top and leggings. Andy does a great job demoing the movements and instructing the workout although sometimes he is still demoing the move when the timer starts.

It has a longer warm up, too. His talk focuses on form, on pointing out modifications, offering encouragement and some occasional good natured ribbing of Graham and Christina. He does the workout with two background exercisers, one male Graham and one female Christina who is the modifier for the workout. Resisted Knee Drive standing on one leg, raise the other and, while balancing on one foot, press your hand into your knee as if trying to push it down.

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And any of the workouts followed by one of the bonus workouts will give you a nice workout, too. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. How many workouts are there? Each move is done for one minute.

The Anarchy Workout

If I have one criticism, it is the lack of cool down and stretch at the end. His talk focuses on form, on pointing out modifications, and offering encouragement.

Thoracic Windmill do leg crossover then bring arm same side as leg that is crossed over overhead to other hand then back. Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this program.

Graham is wearing longer shorts and a t-shirt and Christina is wearing layered bra tops and athletic leggings. Besides, with the metabolic conditioning included in most of these exercises it already helps to shed fat. Like most of these, they could benefit from having an instructional clip on techniques and tips for those new to interval training. High Lunge with Reach get into lunge and hold arms over head, round back forward and touch fingertips to ground beside front foot. This workout intrigues me but how is it on the shoulders?

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Does this workout bulk you up or lean you out and strengthen? Usually in workouts like these I tend to think that in the effort to cover everything, nothing really gets accomplished. They are all excellent workouts.