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To understand the world outside we will need absolute involvement with it, then we will understand the diversity it has. Shaishav Kulkarni The way to look at your own sorrows and how to get rid of that.

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The creeper then delivers compassion, blossoms into friendship. This book gives you an inside into the thoughts of a troubled human beings.

And the guy who is looking for a love, affections in the wrong place. The book depicts love in some other dimension than the conventional one.

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The reason I felt so, because when you read Yayati and Va Pu kale's Some books prior to this book then no other reaction is expressed. It teaches us to face the adverse circumstances in life with courage and in the end gives us a message of living our life with great passion and compassion. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This is totally worth reading.

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Amrutvel baddal bolav titka kamich aahe. Amrutvel is all about true love and setting it free. Aaj paryant mahit aslela premacha artha kiti sukshma hota ani te kiti motha asu shakata hech Amrutvel wachun janwata ani patatahi. The author has peculiar grasp on philosophy and Marathi lots of philosophical fanda in the book.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But today when I am a bit older, I think I understand what Khandekar sir wants to say about Preeti and how it can be found in this world. The creeper in this picture is in full blossom, The many colourfull flowers are its proof.

Amrutvel marathi bookMarathi Books Novels and Stories Free Download PDF

Khupach chhan wow maja aali n. Manus ekta asla ki tyache dukhha mothe hote pan tech dukhha jagatalya itar dukhat samawun gela ki tyala sukshma swarup prapt hote. Nirpekshpane aaplyasarkhya eka jivachya bhalyasthi praytnashil rahana yapeksh preeticha artha wegla to kay asu shakato.

The greatness of man lies in accepting this fact, watch it happening, smile at it, struggle to complete it, if at all it didn't come true, walk over it and develop a new dream. Khandekar's writing and I have read many short stories and novels by him.

Amrutvel marathi book

The vine then bears poisonous flowers. Kandekar has beautifully explained the meaning of true love preeti. When this very desire is combined with feelings from the base of your heart then it takes the form of love The creeper in this picture is in full blossom, The many colourfull flowers are its proof.

Taking one's own life is never a solution, will never be. Also, there is a reason for every action, never have preoccupied mind for sombody's action.

Amrutvel marathi book

It's extraordinarily beautiful piece in Marathi literature. This book is an excellent portrayal of human feelings. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Open Preview See a Problem? Very well enlightens concept of love, life, mcafee virus protection software relationship and various natures of human being.

Amrutvel marathi book

Love is also like this creeper. He just needs someone who understands him as he is. Manvachya astitvacha karan.

This is an amazing work of fiction, Khandekar is the master craftsman in painting human emotions. The mental and emotional duels characters have with themselves and the way they search for a way out. As an human being we need to understand the difference between True Love and Lust or just a physical need.

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Before I write my review, I should mention that I love V. This is the first book that I couldn't resist myself to finish it in one sitting! Awesome storyline makes it a very good book. Engaging oneself in new books and hobbies won't come to the rescue at such times. The book is addictive, wont let you keep it down once started.

Khandekar never fails to amaze. No matter how strong he was before, he needs a shelter of love.

When this very desire is combined with feelings from the base of your heart then it takes the form of love and it becomes divine and resembles the nectar. Dukhala kantalun aayushya sampwana ha soppa marg wattat asla tari tya dukhashi zagadun prapt kelela sukh khup motha asta. Amrutvel hi bhinna margane jat astanahi niyatine anahutpane ektra aanlelya don jivananchi surekh gunfan V.