Able Luggage Tags

The strap didn't come with instructions, but eventually I figured it out! Traveling doesn't have to be a hassle. Last time I traveled, mine broke. The turn-around time on my order was super quick, and I received it with plenty of time to spare. Using our own photo for the luggage tag makes it easier to identify our bags quickly.

It's double sided, which is very nice. The tags are fun and personal. These were gifts for my daughter's Birthday, she was excited. Having a great suitcase can be the difference between an amazing trip and a bad one. Sturdy tags that are easily seen.

Search icon A magnifying glass. Same size and thickness as a credit card. The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like.

Being able to personalize my luggage tag was great. The tag is very durable, of live wallpapers for pc the picture and text are clear.

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Since just about everyone has a black pack, the tag will come in handy to know which one to grab. Everything was great and a sturdy strap to hang the tag on the bag was included. Have not used it so don't have any idea how it will hold up yet.

Personalized Luggage Tags

My last ones, large, bulky and supposedly durable were actually torn apart on my last trip. Ordered custom luggage tags with a different picture and different print on each side.

The best leather luggage tag set

Printable Luggage Tags

Am I able to get more magical express luggag

Haven't used them yet, but they appear very sturdy. Do not hesitate or even think twice before getting these. And the shipping was so fast! They are as described and as pictured.

These are luggage tags that will always set their bags apart from the rest and make them smile. The Land of the Traveler likes the flexibility of these tags, which reduces the chances of them tearing if they become snagged on something during the baggage handling process.

The process of uploading photos is easy and the tag looked exactly as it did when I created it. Both turned out to be very professional looking. Was top notch all the way. Quick and easy to upload a pic!

Tag arrived the day after the luggage set. The tags were perfect gift and photo on tags added just the right touch. Nothing to complain about in this order. Business Insider tried it out and thought it was very helpful. No holes were punched in the tags for the attachment straps.

It was created and shipped within hours of ordering. This is a question and answer forum to help you plan the best possible Disney vacation.

Great for identifying your backpack. Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag. Arrived very fast and nicely packed. Although I have to call them and Krista straightened out everything.

Luggage Pros

The Tile x Away luggage tag pairs with an app on your phone so you know where your checked bag is, plus, it looks great. You can choose from several different fun characters from pop culture, including Star Wars, Superman, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, and many more.

Have something you think we should know about? This is my second order for the luggage tags. It's a perfect gift for a reunion. You can place the order either over the phone or on our website which is recommended. There was nothing I did not like.