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Balu and Mahalakshmi compromise by agreeing to help each other. There is a lot of creativity by Sukumar in each and every scene. They ask him to tell his story and he does.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Surprisingly, Balu mentions that he has a girlfriend named Swapna that he hopes to marry. Rajamouli and Akkineni Nageswara Rao handed over the script to the director. In any case, the lad has his fans. Unfortunately, his partner cheats him, and Balu is on the verge of losing his company.

The movie is so confusing that I lost track of what was happening half way through. But to their surprise Ajith Anand Krishna Nandu stands first this time. The film features Naga Chaitanya and Tamanna in the lead roles. Both argue a lot until their parents try to get them married. In an after party, Balu credits Mahalakshmi for his success.

His deadpan dialogue delivery is carefully being worked into his style now. Nice movie, apt comedy, complete entertainer. But finally, it is a beautiful movie.

100 Love - Telugu Movie Love Scenes Back To Back

Skip it unless you can sleep through it. Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka.

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Still not satisfied, he now made another crap. The Last King Of Scotland. Balu is hurt by this as he usually gets first rank, and he plans to sabotoge her studies, Mahalakshmi does the same.

Dharmavarapu's John Acharya is fun as well. The formal first shot direction was done by S. While trying to find out how Balu is doing, Mahalakshmi realizes he hasn't changed at all. In the cloak of creativity, it appears, sukumar has lost his senses. Do you have the correct data?

100 Love - Telugu Movie Love Scenes Back To Back

Basically, the hero and heroine look like they hate each other, but this is because they love each other just so much. Well, at least they're not calling it love right from the start, wisely choosing, instead, to call normal teenage hormonal surges what they ought to be until tested thoroughly - infatuation. This time, Balu confesses that he felt the need to be great in Mahalakshmi's eyes because he loved her. To preserve integrity, greeting card templates fullhyd.

Not screening currently in any theatres in Hyderabad. Except the crazy climax, the movie was never boring. Ramanaidu rendered the launch, another producer Nagababu switched on the camera and Naga Chaitanya's father actor Nagarjuna clapped the first shot. His depiction of girls and and some dialogues about girls show his mean attitude towards women. After the interference of their grandfather, they are united in the end.

Naga Chaitanya and Tamannaah acted well. She again unknowingly hurts Balu's ego. When she tells him she shares his feelings, Balu refuses to believe her.

And I'm even more surprised to see such high ratings for such a juvenile flick. While introducing her to his family, Mahalakshmi notices that Swapna is much more than she is. Balu is hurt by this statement because he doesn't want Mahalakshmi to think anyone is better than him, his ego is also hurt and the couple chooses to separate. The textual, graphic, audio and audiovisual material in this site is protected by copyright law.

Balu, angry that Ajith is greater than he is, puts his company in risk in hopes that he can surpass Ajith's company. Devi Sri Prasad's scores might spike the charts for a brief while, but that's about it.

He has proved again that he is the only creative director. Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Hazy ethics aside, the juvenility is incredible. After three years, they meet again in the hospital because their grandmother suddenly falls ill.

Balu gets first rank and is awarded a building from his principal, at the housewarming party, Mahalakshmi says Ajith is great as he studied well even though Mahalakshmi distracted him. Ajith turns out to be the head of a company that makes more than Balu's company.

The music and background score was composed by Sukumar's regular associate Devi Sri Prasad. Mahalakshmi's unconditional love for her bava, and the way her character grows up, is sweet and graceful, accentuated further by Tamanna's unblemished performance. Naga Chaitanya's picking up pretty well.

Horrible to watch second time. The much-hyped item song has more skin than catchy music. Dissatisfied with the results? Sukumar is probably more of an execution-man than an ideas-man.

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